On the Ed – Alpha – Episode 003 2U IPO, another Edtech Funding Week and Free Mobile Education

This week again brought us many interesting funding stories for education companies, some of which my guest Shiv of Affectively and I discussed in this new episode of On the Ed.

We started this episode with the big non commercial story of the week, SocialEDU bringing free mobile education to students in Rwanda. Although some of the companies involved will undoubtedly have an interest to be present in that market and in the minds of people with their products, all of this shouldn’t take away from the ambition, effort and cost involved to make this project a reality.

When it comes to investing into companies and ideas, we can see that professional vocational training (Kaikeba), the recruitment sector (Piazza) and crowdsourcing (Credible, Smarterer) seem to me markets of interest to investors.

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