Overriding the overload of our work time

Before you read this, ask yourself….have you got the time? Are you reading it because you want to or because you have to? Or are you reading it because you’re trying to put off doing something you should be doing and this is just a welcome distraction. Is there something else you should be doing? Have you got the time?

In business, time is an important commodity, a valuable resource. A useful tool, it is both indispensable and irreplaceable. We aim to save it, because when its gone, we simply can’t get it back. Most importantly, we know that business is about productivity, and productivity is most often, and most worryingly impacted by time, and how we use it. Surely, we’re better equipped with technology to help in this. There’s an app for this, right? So why is it that so many people feel so pushed for time? So stressed about not having enough time, or about wanting more? How has it become so easy for us to mismanage our time? And have we even got the time to find out?

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