Course Market Delivers Alternative Credentials and Certificates to Higher Ed #elearning #highered

By Sri Ravipati, Campus Technology A new digital marketplace is helping colleges and universities turn existing courses and content into certificates and digital credentials. Course […]

New look Moodle for 2017/18!

We hope you like the new look of Moodle and can find you way around. When you first log in you will taken to your […]

The Anatomy of a High-impact Learning Organization

There are some parts you’ll need to have some parts in place if you want your company to be a high-impact learning organization. Since the […]

Engage Your Deskless Workers with Social Learning

"Deskless" has a lot of meanings in today’s work landscape. From traveling training teams to retail store staff and kitchen line workers, the idea that […]

Study Edge Open-Source Instructional Materials

Study Edge Open-Source Instructional Materials: Texas starts to adopt OER materials for use...

Universal child care and its possibilities in Canada

Preschool, child care, day care, early childhood education - whatever you prefer to call it - is a sector that is getting a lot of […]

How do you improve exam integrity and candidate satisfaction?

Posted by Julie Delazyn Proxy testing … Cheating …. Content theft. How can you be sure that the integrity of your exam isn’t compromised when […]

Ed-Tech Companies Should Open Algorithms to Scrutiny, Report Suggests

A new National Education Policy Center report calls for stronger regulations around the use of algorithms in personalized learning and ed-tech software.

Using AI To Predict Cardiac Risk In Liver Transplant Patients

AI has been doing an increasingly impressive array of things in healthcare in recent years, but one of the more interesting applications has been around […]

How peers influence managerial attitudes towards flexible work

I wrote recently about a new study showcasing the value of flexible working.  They recruited a number of volunteers to work in a variety of […]

The Current State of Genomics in the NHS

I’ve written a lot recently about the rise in genomic data, and the applications being developed on top of this.  For instance, a recent project […]

Using AI to test for the long-term impact of concussion

Concussion has been headline news in recent months as a number of rugby players have suffered repeated blows to the head whilst on the pitch.  […]