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When we think of restaurants, the first word that pops into mind is likely “food.” But for Linda Derschang, CEO of the Derschang Group, the backstory and vibe of her establishments are equally essential to a fantastic dining experience. She’s started a homey tavern that exudes the comradery of après-ski relaxation in a small-town bar in the mountains; a classy, yet comfortable restaurant where Big Sur of the 1970s meets the magic of Morocco; a bar based on the fictional story of a 1940s fisherman and others.

So how does Linda dream up these places and bring them to life?

“I love thinking about design, the story of a space and how I want people to feel when they’re in it,” Linda says. And it’s critical that she do a good job of it—competition is fierce. “There’s more pressure to succeed in today’s market. There are so many restaurants and bars; you need to stand out to be successful.”

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