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eLearning Feeds is ranking and scoring hundreds of Top eLearning blogs, while helping eLearning oriented readers to answer the question "What’s happening in the eLearning industry" on a daily basis based on the Top eLearning Blogs.

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Would you like to share your Top eLearning Blog Posts with a thriving community of more than 100,000 eLearning readers? Well... then Submit your eLearning blog’s RSS feed at eLearning Feeds.

Submit your Top eLearning Blog’s RSS Feed and get exposed to thousands of eLearning minded people

Submit your Top eLearning Blog’s RSS Feed and increase your Top eLearning Blog’s traffic!

The story of eLearning Feeds

There is a tremendous amount of information available in the web relating to the eLearning Industry. New eLearning ideas, trends, concepts, and new eLearning software change the scene of the eLearning Industry every day.

For most of us, there is so little time to search, value the information, and acquire the knowledge. So, how can you be sure that you get the information you need timely and without wasting time on research?

Being passionate about eLearning, I visit eLearning blogs and sites, while I also interact with eLearning professionals on a daily basis. I was so amazed when I realized that there is a lack of information about what is happening in the eLearning Industry and that there is a bleary picture of the current eLearning Industry’s status.

The Purpose of eLearning Feeds

eLearning Feeds ranks and scores hundreds of Top eLearning blogs, while helping eLearning oriented readers to answer the question “What’s happening in the eLearning Industry on a daily basis based on the Top eLearning Blogs”.

eLearning Feeds supports the following Top eLearning categories:

  1. Top eLearning News
  2. Top eLearning Concepts
    1. Top Social Learning Concepts
    2. Top Mobile Learning Concepts
    3. Top Instructional Design Concepts
  3. Top eLearning Software News
    1. Top Educational Technology News
    2. Top eLearning Authoring Tools News
    3. Top LMSs News
  4. Top eLearning Companies’ News
  5. Top eLearning Trends
  6. Top eLearning Events
  7. Top eLearning Jobs
  8. Top eLearning Infographics

You are more than welcome to suggest a new Top eLearning category!

The Top eLearning Blogs' Ranking Score

On a weekly basis, a passionate eLearning team of experts and analysts, and I personally, rank and score hundreds of Top eLearning Blogs based on the following 3 eLearning criteria:

  1. Publish Rate - How often are eLearning articles published?
  2. Social Sharing - How many times do our viewers share your top eLearning articles on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google plus?, and
  3. eLearning blog posts value - What was the impact of your eLearning articles at the eLearning community?

At the near future, more eLearning criteria will be added to the Top eLearning Blogs ranking process. Check out the Top eLearning blogs to stay updated on what people are talking about in the eLearning Industry.

Top eLearning Blog Owners

If you are the owner of a Top eLearning Blog, you can submit your Top eLearning Blog’s RSS Feed. After we approve your submission, the headline of your articles and a short abstract of your articles (maximum of 150 words) will be displayed at eLearning Feeds along with the url (read full story) to the original source of the articles – your Top eLearning blog’s articles! Also, you will be able to use your personalized Top eLearning Blog Badge to show your ranking on the Top eLearning Blogs.

Furthermore, if you add the Top eLearning Blog Badge at your eLearning Blog, you will receive a monthly report, with statistics concerning your eLearning articles’ visibility at eLearning Feeds. To be more specific, you will receive a monthly report concerning your blogs’ articles Page-views, Average Time on Page, and Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus sharing! At any time you can remove your Top eLearning Blog from eLearning Feeds. A good reason would be that you have too much traffic ;-) right?

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