“Students of the Future” — a short video from Educause

  Description: A portrait of the tools and technology that students of the future might encounter.

A smorgasboard of ideas to put on your organization’s radar! [Christian]

From DSC: At the Next Generation Learning Spaces Conference, held recently in San Diego, CA, I moderated a panel discussion re: AR, VR, and MR.  […]

Top Facts About Adult Learning: It’s Never Too Late to Start

Gone are the days when classrooms and studying were reserved for children and young adults, with a wave of older learners increasing and changing the […]

Maker-First steps in electronics-knowing WHERE to buy the stuff-Electronics Distributors

. . WHERE to buy the electronics stuff!? I am getting very often asked from persons WHO follow my curation (ideas for makerspaces) and my blog […]

The 4 Common Characteristics of Personalized Learning [Meyer]

The 4 Common Characteristics of Personalized Learning — from thejournal.com by Leila Meyer iNACOL offers ideas for implementing personalized learning in K-12 schools with the […]

If you can have a vivid sense of presence – using VR – at an NBA game, why cant’ we bring remote learners into F2F classrooms?

  You can be sitting ‘courtside’ at NBA games with virtual reality — from mercurynews.com by Bill Oram Excerpt: “The result is a really strong […]

Outsourcing more work to the robots & to the software: What are the ramifications if the C-level suites continue on these pathways? [Christian]

From DSC: First, some items regarding the enormous emphasis being put towards the use of robotics and automation: $18.867 billion paid to acquire 50 robotics […]

Maker-First Steps in Electronics-The rotating and moving plastic container

.   . The rotating and moving plastic container Click image please to enlarge. . In previous blog post (tutorial) WE used a vibration motor […]

DC: If viewers of a live basketball game can choose from multiple points of view, why can’t remote learners do this as well? This posting includes 7 resources re: VR/AR/MR.

CES 2017: Intel’s VR visions — from jwtintelligence.com by Shepherd Laughlin The company showed off advances in volumetric capture, VR live streaming, and “merged reality.” […]

Don’t discount the game-changing power of the morphing “TV” when coupled with AI, NLP, and blockchain-based technologies! [Christian]

From DSC: Don’t discount the game-changing power of the morphing “TV” when coupled with artificial intelligence (AI), natural language processing (NLP), and blockchain-based technologies! When […]

Maker-First Steps in Electronics-Soldering Learning-The Mini BUG Robot

. . The Mini BUG Robot In last blog post (tutorial) WE were practicing OUR soldering by creating “JOHNNY the ski-man“, a bit “Electronics-Art” using […]

Here’s how I could have really used a mobile app that combined deep learning, AI, and augmented reality! [Christian]

From DSC: Recently, my neighbor graciously gave us his old Honda snowblower, as he was getting a new one. He wondered if we had a […]