AR, VR and AI Dominate Facebook’s F8 Conference

Digital Bodies: F8, the Facebook Developer conference, takes place for two days each April. This year, AR, VR and AI were at the center of […]

David Kelly’s Curated Content for the Week of 04/17/17

I read through a number of articles and blog posts each day, and every Monday I curate a few of my favorites for members of […]

Tech Impact on Learning Design

Insights from Tom Kuhlmann Some technologies flash in the pan while some rewire everything. Today I had the privilege of hearing Tom Kuhlmann offer his thoughts […]

Arthritis UK team up with IBM to launch AI driven support

AI driven chat bots are certainly all the rage at the moment, and whilst I think there is typically more hype than substance to them, […]

Taking AI Driven Imaging Analysis Into The Mainstream

Recently CB Insights listed what it believed to be the 100 most exciting AI based companies in the world.  Proudly taking its place in the […]

MedyMatch and Watson team up in healthcare partnership

The last year has seen a number of fascinating projects deploying artificial intelligence to better analyze medical images.  Indeed, such use cases have emerged in […]

Using AI to predict sepsis

Sepsis is perhaps not an especially fashionable thing to target, yet it strikes over a million Americans each year, and kills more people per year […]

Startup uses AI to make home urine analysis possible

There have been a number of services over the years that have allowed us to take photos of symptoms.  Originally, these services would then offer […]

Facial recognition on trial at Schiphol Airport

About a year ago I wrote about a novel pilot undertaken by a team of researchers in Norway to smooth our passage through the airport […]

Supercomputers and AI improve MRI scanning

MRI scans are a common tool in the armory of the modern doctor.  Such scans are usually very expensive and can take days to generate […]

The ethics of cyber-physical systems

Robots are becoming more pervasive, not just in industrial environments, but in our homes, hospitals, airports and shops.  So called cyber-physical systems (CPS) are intelligent […]

Using AI to detect a healthy or unhealthy brain

I’ve written before about a number of fascinating projects that are using machine learning and voice analysis to hunt for signs of conditions such as […]