Apple’s ARKit Brings Augmented Reality Close to Home

Digital Bodies: It’s been a busy summer and we’ve been meaning to take a look at Apple’s ARKit. There’s been no shortage of news on […]

In today’s tech world, often it’s a “winner takes all” situation

Winner takes all — from by Michael Moe, Luben Pampoulov, Li Jiang, Nick Franco, & Suzee Han   We did a lot of things that […]

What a future, powerful, global learning platform will look & act like [Christian]

Learning from the Living [Class] Room: A vision for a global, powerful, next generation learning platform By Daniel Christian NOTE: Having recently lost my Senior […]

How The Apple Smart Watch Can Keep Your Heart Healthy

For much of their short lives smart watches have been used to track activity levels, and have therefore had a health remit in the broad […]

From Apple & Ikea: An “augmented reality app that will enable you to make buying decisions”

Apple & Ikea launching an #AR app that lets you virtually try out furniture in your home — then buy it — Daniel Christian […]


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Apple announces HomePod — its answer to Amazon’s Echo — plus other announcements from Apple’s WWDC

From Apple itself: Apple Special Event. June 5, 2017 <— recording of today’s keynote address   HomePod reinvents music in the home San Jose, California — […]

Apple nail teaching and learning with the latest version of their Classroom App

I’m a great believer in taking lots of small steps to make a bigger gain. Incremental improvements that you get better and better at through […]

Did Apple Just Demonstrate How to do Staff Development that is Both Personalized and Online?

Look at this little ad from Apple on how to shoot a Black and White photo on an iPhone: In less...

Tech Titans K-12: Amazon, Apple, Google, and Microsoft Compete for Ed. Market

A new EdWeek Market Brief exclusive special report explores these four tech giants' fight for dominance in schools and classrooms.

The best Mac screen recording software for online courses

These days, most online courses are made up of videos, which means our 5,000+ customers often ask us for advice on which mac screen recording […]

DC: Will Starbucks, Apple Stores, etc. be “learning hubs” of the future? Apple announces their “Today at Apple” program

From DSC: After seeing the postings below, it made me wonder: Will Starbucks, Apple Stores, etc. be “learning hubs” of the future? i.e., places that […]