Articulate Storyline: 4 Easy Steps to Create a Digital Clock

Articulate Storyline is the best authoring tool I know. We can create many rich, Flash-like components using this tool. In this blog, I will share […]

ELH Challenge #4: Flat Design Interactions

The fourth Articulate E-Learning Heroes Challenge consists of designing a flat design template, including at least three different content slides. Flat design is one of […]

Top 5 Capabilities of Articulate Storyline 360 [Infographic]

Articulate recently launched Articulate 360 to meet the online learning development needs of the 21st century, such as creating device-agnostic courses and video-based training modules. […]

Situational Leadership II Model: 5 Tab Interaction

This Articulate E-Learning Heroes Challenge is to design a 5-tab interaction, with the tabs remaining persistent over slides or layers. Using tabs is a good […]

The Gatekeeper

This Articulate E-Learning Heroes Challenge is to design a two-slide interaction that includes a content screen and a gate screen. The key is to show […]

Convert Your PowerPoint Presentations to E-learning With Articulate Storyline

In my previous blog, we have seen how to convert your PowerPoint presentations to e-learning courses using the rapid authoring tool, Lectora Inspire. In this […]

Four Ways E-Learning Authoring Tools Handle Responsive Design

If you want your e-learning courses to work well on mobile devices such as phones and tablets, you are most likely considering responsive design. Responsive […]

Articulate Storyline: Enhanced Multiscreen Support

by Kevin Siegel, COTP Articulate recently released Storyline 360, part of the Articulate 360 suite of products available through a subscription on Articulate's website. If […]

Lectora ReviewLink: Enhance eLearning Course Review

Lectora ReviewLink – a web based application from Trivantis to streamline the eLearning course review cycle. It simplifies and helps you speedup course approvals and […]

Articulate Rise: Hiding the Page Title Area

Articulate Rise is pretty awesome but I am not a fan of the large title area that it produces on the top of every single […]

Inspirational Nugget: Look for Inspiration

My team has been designing some new templates and branding elements lately, so today’s Inspirational Nugget is inspired by inspiration! I know it’s easy to […]

Quiz Time? Use These Built-in Question Types in Articulate Storyline

Assessments are the best way to test your learners’ understanding of the training content, but that’s not their only role. Part of why assessments are […]