4 Ways For Using Chatbots For eLearning

One of the most thriving eLearning innovations is the chatbot technology, which is commonly known as a conversational agent that can serve in as a […]

AI and the future of Higher Education.

One of the most talked about advances occurring around the world at the moment is the rapid rise of AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning. […]

Examining Elite Data Power

The concept of “big data” has been the subject of considerable hype and speculation in recent years. So much so that the dominant technologies and […]

VR in your Head: Startups Offering Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy

Digital Bodies: Given that VR hijacks your senses, it’s no surprise that startups are looking to do Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy. It’s actually not all […]

David Kelly’s Curated L&D Content for the Week of 07/17/17

This week’s curated content includes links exploring the following: Examining a study on learning how to learn A new app from Google that makes it […]

Intelligence Augmentation and Learning and Development

Artificial Intelligence (AI) – cognitive computing, machine learning, chatbots, etc – is hot. Everyone’s talking about it, whether hype (Watson does Dylan!), diligent consideration (where […]

More Artificial Intelligence capability has been added to the NetDimensions Talent Suite

The recently released version 13.1 of the NetDimensions Talent Suite includes a number of exciting new features, such as bolstered Artificial Intelligence (AI) capability. Artificial […]

Using AI to complement human beings

It’s easy to imagine AI in Matrix like terms as being super-intelligent and capable of feats beyond that of mere man, but a team from […]

Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Education: Scary, Harmful, Or Awesome?

Have you heard it yet? The new era is upon us, and this one is scary. Artificial intelligence is changing education left and right. Should […]

Will Artificial Intelligence bring real smarts to eLearning?

Intelligence seems to be making a comeback. No, we’re not talking about human intelligence — that one is still out of fashion if we’re to […]

AI and automation are having a huge impact on the future of work

By Michelle Selinger and Peter Hamilton, EdTech Ventures   As we head for the middle of the 21st century, we are experiencing an unprecedented rate […]

New Dimensions in Learning: How Technology Changes Future Landscapes

  Leading experts, thinkers, innovators and practitioners from North America and Europe will examine and discuss the future of learning at the upcoming OEB MidSummit, […]