The Most Innovative Companies of 2017 []

The Most Innovative Companies of 2017 — from Excerpt: This year marks the 10th edition of the Fast Company World’s Most Innovative Companies ranking. […]

What’s the Reality of Virtual and Augmented Reality?

Is virtual reality defined by the tech or the experience? Is new high tech equipment a prerequisite for a virtual experience? Could reading a good […]

The AR app for the Science classroom?

I’ve long been a fan of using augmented reality and virtual reality too. So much so I wrote a book about it (free on iBooks […]

David Kelly’s Curated Content for the Week of 02/12/17

I read through a number of articles and blog posts each day, and every Monday I curate a few of my favorites for members of […]

New lab for augmented reality opens

Augmented reality began life as something of a gimmick, but it’s slowly gaining ground in a number of fascinating areas, from construction to surgery. A […]

8 Surprising Topics at #MWC17

Conferences are ideal locations for gathering business intelligence about a specific industry. There are presentations revealing the latest thinking in the field, and exhibitors want […]

VR headsets: Which one is for you?; 12 AR apps for students; VR is helping the prison system; & more

Part 2: Virtual Reality Headsets: Which One Is For You? — from     Excerpt: It’s 2017, a new year, and another tremendous growth […]

Augmented Reality and Learning in Museums

When I read Camillia Matuk’s The Learning Affordances of Augmented Reality For Museum Exhibits on Human Health, I knew I wanted to speak with her […]

VR First: Democratizing VR/AR Innovation

  Some excerpts of this infographic:      

Soon Elearning Will Be A Thing of the Past!

Recent studies on eLearning courses being developed and own eLearning vendor management experiences suggest that the dynamics causing this setback is the surge of new […]

“The world’s first smart #AugmentedReality for the Connected Home has arrived. []

“The world’s first smart #AugmentedReality for the Connected Home has arrived.  — from From DSC: Note this new type of Human Computer Interaction (HCI). […]

The Best VR – Our VR and AR Oscars for 2016

Digital Bodies: It’s time to select the best VR of 2016 – the Digital Bodies’ VR Oscars. Our awards honor the best Virtual Reality, Augmented […]