Teaching robots to cope with ambiguity

Our attitude towards robots and automated systems seems to fall into two buckets.  Either they’ll be unthinking machines that do our every bidding, or they’ll […]

Automating lie detection in airports

A number of interesting new technologies have emerged in the past 12 months that aim to make airport security both more effective for security services, […]

Predicting car problems before they occur

A number of fascinating projects have emerged that aim to use AI to better understand the way vibrations can give us insight into the health […]

How humans might behave in a driverless world

The transition towards an autonomous future is something of an uncertain one, especially if driverless cars share the roads with humans.  For instance, last year, […]

Are people getting unrealistic expectations of driverless technology?

As with so many new technologies, driverless vehicles have been accompanied by an awful lot of hype, both around what they will be capable of […]

What happens when humans regain control of driverless vehicles

As the technological side of driverless technology has become more powerful, we have increasingly turned to more philosophical questions around the technology.  The so called […]

AI and attempts to model human behavior

I’ve written a few times recently about the initial forays of IBM’s Watson into retail.  For instance, at the back end of last year they […]

The automated robot that monitors the Large Hadron Collider

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is already a technological marvel in its own right.  The 27km tunnel is the biggest particle accelerator in the world […]

The future of robotic surgery

Bringing robotics into the surgical process has been a considerable motivation for researchers in recent years.  For instance, at the back end of last year […]

A roadmap for robotics

Robotics as an industry has been around for approximately 50 years now, but it’s perhaps fair to say that the last few of these have […]

Meet Hadrian, the robotic bricklayer

Last year I wrote about a number of innovations emerging in the construction industry, from the drones that track project progress to the use of […]

Using the crowd to make robotic conversations more natural

Despite AI based personal assistants getting progressively better in recent years, there is still much work to be done before machines are capable of having […]