How big data can help the fight against leukemia

It’s estimated that over 100,000 people a year are diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukaemia, or CML.  Advances in treatment mean that roughly 90% of patients […]

Watchworthy Wednesday: How AI Will Transform Medical Practice

Armed with reams of data, a patient’s father convinced Dr. Anthony C. Chang, his daughter’s pediatric cardiologist, to proceed with her surgery. “A data scientist, […]

Pan European Data Project To Support Medical Research

I’ve written extensively about the enormous benefits we can derive from the more effective usage of patient data, whether from an individual patient perspective, a […]

How synthetic data can overcome privacy concerns

The promise of big data is a well known one, but privacy concerns can often mean that scientists lack access to the kind of data […]

Coding for What?

The most recent series of the popular conspiracy drama “Homeland” features a shadow intelligence agency dedicated to producing and circulating fake news and computational propaganda […]

Making it easier to clean big data

Big data is great, but it’s only really useful if you can derive insights from it.  With much of the data we harvest somewhat messy […]

Dresses built according to your lifestyle

Whilst companies such as Zara have pioneered the concept of ‘fast fashion’ that responds rapidly to the changing demands of consumers, the concept of affordable […]

Bringing sports analytics to a cricket ball

The number of new sporting products emerging with data tracking, and subsequently AI, capabilities built into them has mushroomed in recent years. I’ve covered a […]

How machine learning and data can improve cancer care

Over 1.5 million people are diagnosed with cancer each year in America alone, but despite these huge volumes, a tiny amount register for clinical trials.  […]

Swift LMS – Learning Analytics: Training Compliance Report to Demonstrate ROI

Leveraging learning analytics and big data can change the face of corporate eLearning if used well. And this is possible when the learning management system […]

New Study Is Scathing Of DeepMind’s Use Of Patient Data

Google DeepMind were in the news recently after they announced the launch of a blockchain like ledger technology for storing medical data.  Whilst I urged […]

How big data can help improve road safety

Big data has been increasingly deployed by municipalities that are looking to better understand the way traffic flows throughout the city, but it is also […]