Real time applications of data science  

  The advancement in technology and its incorporation in our life has led to generation of data in huge amounts. Data is drawn from mediums […]

Study Reveals Concerns About the Security of Health Data

Earlier this year I covered an interesting paper that explored our attitudes towards our health data being used for medical research.  The general gist was […]

Crowdsourcing better understanding of autism

Autism is a condition that affects a great many people around the world, but the level of expertise is not spread equally, therefore leaving many […]

Putting the personal into personal finance

In the recently leaked, and subsequently confirmed, Labour party manifesto was a pledge to cap energy prices in the UK.  At the heart of the […]

Impact of data analytics on different industries

Data analysis as all of us have heard has changed the way lot of industries work by making decision taking much simpler and easier. Also, […]

The Importance Of Avoiding Data Monopolies In Healthcare

The power of data in healthcare is something that I’ve touched on a number of times.  It’s an issue that is increasingly recognized by organizations […]

Using big data to understand mental health

Mental health has been given a welcome dose of publicity in recent months as various campaigners have attempted to remove the stigma attached to it […]

Using data science to predict student drop outs

It’s estimated that universities across university suffer from a 30% dropout rate, costing a significant amount of money.  Being able to reduce this figure therefore […]

Optimizing after sales service

Manufacturers from John Deere to Rolls Royce now make ever larger chunks of revenue from servicing the machinery they sell rather than the machinery itself.  […]

The global state of open data

I wrote recently about a fascinating new report by the European Data Portal that examined the state of open data throughout Europe.  The paper reveals […]

Important tools for Data Analysis:

Data science is one of the fastest growing jobs of this century. A data scientist is somebody who is inquisitive, who can analyze the data […]

The Time For Action On Health Data Is Now

Recently I wrote about the boom in both big data and computational power having breathed life into the AI industry, and it’s a concept that’s […]