Guiding principles for data driven organizations

Big data has received no shortage of hype in the past few years, but successful implementations are relatively thin on the ground.  This post will […]

Tech-Next – Emerging Technologies – Age of Moving Faster.

  Emerging Technologies – Age of Moving Faster. millionlights – nayi shiksha nayi soch Think back just a few years — social, mobile, cloud, and big […]

Learn Spark Online

If you are interested to jump into the world of Python, Spark, and Big Data, this is the course for you. Learn Spark (the latest Big […]

How at risk is your health data?

I’ve written a number of times about the growing importance of data in healthcare, and especially of the need to liberate data so it’s more […]

Informing Patients About Medical Data

Medical data is an issue that I’ve covered extensively in the past few months, whether it’s our feelings about it being used in medical research, […]

Why the web is crucial to our understanding of society

The internet has given us a greater insight into the human world than we’ve ever had before, and a recent Stanford study suggests we would […]

Bringing data science to the masses

Big data is arguably the most important trend in business today, and the companies that manage to capitalize on their data gain a distinct competitive […]

The paradox of researchers and open data

I’ve written a few times over the past couple of years about the open science movement, and the strong rationale behind freely sharing not just […]

Open data maturity in the EU

Open data has been a hot topic in countries around the world in recent years,with estimates that the market will be worth €75 billion by […]

How big data can help the fight against leukemia

It’s estimated that over 100,000 people a year are diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukaemia, or CML.  Advances in treatment mean that roughly 90% of patients […]

Watchworthy Wednesday: How AI Will Transform Medical Practice

Armed with reams of data, a patient’s father convinced Dr. Anthony C. Chang, his daughter’s pediatric cardiologist, to proceed with her surgery. “A data scientist, […]

Pan European Data Project To Support Medical Research

I’ve written extensively about the enormous benefits we can derive from the more effective usage of patient data, whether from an individual patient perspective, a […]