Is Captivate 9 Still Relevant?

I’m seeing several people on the Adobe eLearning Community and my own YouTube channel who are upset that they don’t qualify for the complimentary upgrade […]

Uploading an e-learning module to your website

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Adobe Captivate – Stop Triggered Audio With Advanced Actions

Adobe Captivate – Stop Triggered Audio with Advanced Actions In this video, I show you how you can stop slide or triggered audio using advanced […]

Adobe Captivate: More Power to Quiz Feedback

In Adobe Captivate, you can convert the interactive and non-interactive objects to multi-state objects and easily add additional objects to the states allowing you to […]

Adobe Captivate (2017 Release) : Smart, Fast & Incredibly Flexible

The latest update to Adobe Captivate, Adobe’s industry leading eLearning authoring tool is packed with solid enhancements that will make virtually any eLearning developer smile, […]

Let’s have a drum roll for Adobe Captivate 2017!

Adobe just released Captivate 2017, and it is power-packed with a brand-new, easy-to-use workflow for creating responsive eLearning courses. This new workflow will allow you […]

Reflective Practitioner – A Learning Curve – Experiment #7

Background Two weeks ago I was approached by a Curriculum Design Specialist (CDS) on our team who wanted to make use of a very long […]

Why Can’t I Choose Whether to Preserve Formatting When Formatting Text?

A very common problem I see among us Captivate users is that we get annoyed by confirmation dialog boxes so we often choose the option […]

Adobe Roadshow IThe Complete eLearning Journey | Melbourne

The Complete eLearning Journey | Melbourne Friday 31 March 2017, 03:00 AM – 05:00 AM Register: Adobe elearning Roadshow Wouldn’t it be great if you […]

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Case Study: I Get By With a Little Help from JavaScript… with Amazing Results A while ago, I was asked if I could put together […]

PowerPoint to Captivate Process Overview

PowerPoint to Captivate Process outline: Content Outline Rough Draft in PowerPoint Build 1st Draft from PowerPoint using ‘Print – Notes View’ Revise, improve, build ToC, […]

The Top 78 Captivate Features

Hi, all, I’ve been working on finishing the writing of my first Captivate manual and I thought this portion of it might be helpful to anyone […]