Habilitando Sumario no Adobe Captivate 2017

Neste tutorial mostro como habilitar o Sumario e criar pasta para para organizar o Sumario, separar e sobrepor sua visualização.   Fabio Oliveira

Webinar (LIVESTREAM) – Adobe Captivate Text to Speech

Monday, June 19th, 3:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time I will be reviewing the main features of the Text to Speech capabilities in Adobe Captivate. I […]

Thoughts on HTML5 output and TTS

Hello everyone, I would like to discuss some issues with HTML output. I have a short demo project (Here is the link . The demo […]

What Makes a Good Laptop for Captivate?

Hi all, I’m in need of a new laptop as mine is dying. Even crashed whilst on a skype call with a client recently. Great […]

Adobe Captivate & the eLearning Brothers: Free Matching Images and Videos

by Kevin Siegel, COTP, CTT During the first day of my Adobe Captivate Beginner class, attendees learn how to import and work with both images […]

The Planet Captivate Blog – 2017 Initiatives

The Planet Captivate Blog Hello, all!  In this installment I’d like to extend my blog beyond the screen and into the real world, and share […]

Criando campo de texto com validação e atribuindo variável – Parte 2

Nesta segunda parte de como criar um campo de texto, vou ensinar a bloquear o campo para que as pessoas não passem para o proximo […]

Hiding the Next button until all tasks are done. What are your thoughts?

A lot of the interactions I make at work are based on not allowing users to continue until all of the interactions on a slide […]

Captivate Quick Tips #4 – Tidying Up Your Library

We’ve all been there. Our courses have dozens of images, animations, videos and other assets, which takes its toll on our computer’s performance and Captivate […]

Captivate Quick Tips #3 – Importing and Exporting Preferences

If you need to use the same preferences for every project, or maybe different prefferences for different types of projects, you’re in luck with the […]

Captivate Quick Tips #5 – Shortcuts

Shortcuts are a great way to speed up your development and when you get to know the main ones you can use in your day-to-day […]

Why Learning Matters For The Creators of Learning

As elearning creators we understand the benefits of creating elearning for the learners of an organisation, business or even the public and I’ve noticed it […]