Why Can’t I Choose Whether to Preserve Formatting When Formatting Text?

A very common problem I see among us Captivate users is that we get annoyed by confirmation dialog boxes so we often choose the option […]

Adobe Roadshow IThe Complete eLearning Journey | Melbourne

The Complete eLearning Journey | Melbourne Friday 31 March 2017, 03:00 AM – 05:00 AM Register: Adobe elearning Roadshow Wouldn’t it be great if you […]

That’s Not Possible in Captivate! Oh, wait…maybe I can get by with a little help from JavaScript!

Case Study: I Get By With a Little Help from JavaScript… with Amazing Results A while ago, I was asked if I could put together […]

PowerPoint to Captivate Process Overview

PowerPoint to Captivate Process outline: Content Outline Rough Draft in PowerPoint Build 1st Draft from PowerPoint using ‘Print – Notes View’ Revise, improve, build ToC, […]

The Top 78 Captivate Features

Hi, all, I’ve been working on finishing the writing of my first Captivate manual and I thought this portion of it might be helpful to anyone […]

Stop Audio from Playing When Returning to a Slide

Hi, all, For those who need to know how to stop audio from playing when returning to a slide, here’s an example of one way […]

How to stop playback of videos from causing lags

Ther’s no magic bullet but there are alternatives, plus some good advice.

Create custom navigation buttons

It’s pretty easy to set up your own navigation buttons. Put them on Master Slides for maximum flexibility!

Converting Legacy eLearning courses to Articulate Rise – Read Before You Do It

Articulate Rise, the new online authoring tool, is gaining momentum since it has been launched. It can be a major player in driving eLearning demand […]

Adobe Captivate – Use Media Encoder For Video In eLearning

Use Media Encoder For Video In eLearning In this video, I will show you what you need to know about encoding your video for use […]

Adobe Captivate – Round Tripping With Audition

Adobe Captivate – Round Tripping With Audition In this video, I show you how you can take your narration from Adobe Captivate and round trip […]

Webinar on the the 14th of Feb 2017 for early adopters of eLearning.

  We are doing a webinar for early adopters of eLearning to give them a sense and feel of what it is like analyzing, creating […]