Why Learning Matters For The Creators of Learning

As elearning creators we understand the benefits of creating elearning for the learners of an organisation, business or even the public and I’ve noticed it […]

Communauté Francophone Captivate

Bonjour à tous, Après avoir discuté avec des responsables de la communauté eLearning Adobe, je lance cette conversation afin de savoir s’il y a ici […]

Criando campo de texto com validação e atribuindo variável. Parte 1

Olá, Neste tutorial mostro como construir um campo com entrada de texto e validação ou seja, usuário não poderá prosseguir se não digitar um nome […]

Captivate 2017 and Responsive Design. Personal Experience

I have created a microlearning project to test new responsive features of Captivate 2017. (Here is the link.) In this article, I will review several […]

Enable Wrap Points for Fluid Boxes

In this Adobe Captivate QuickTip, I will show you how you can have independent wrap points for each of your child level fluid boxes.  

Adobe Captivate 2017, Projeto responsivo, tamanho personalizado.

Neste vídeo mostro como criar um projeto responsivo com a criação de tamanho personalizado de tela e também a criação de Fluid Box e ajustes […]

While Loop in Captivate 2017 Advanced Actions

To follow along and try it yourself, download the CPTX from: WhileLoop and open it in Captivate 2017 A “while” loop can be used to repeat a […]

Using Optional with Fluid Boxes in Captivate 2017 to customize content across devices

To follow along with this article, download the project from here: Customize_Content_Using_Optional and then continue. What is Optional? Optional is an option only available for Fluid boxes, […]

Using Fluid boxes: Knowledge Facts – 1

In this article, I will be discussing some facts you need to know for getting started on working with fluid boxes. This will basically involve […]

Criando Projeto Responsivo com Captivate 2017

Criando Projeto Responsivo com Captivate 2017

Another Way To Spell Check For Captivate

Hi everyone, I’ve recently been fed up with the spell checker in Captivate and decided to find another way/tool. My spelling is pretty good, but I […]

Is Captivate 9 Still Relevant?

I’m seeing several people on the Adobe eLearning Community and my own YouTube channel who are upset that they don’t qualify for the complimentary upgrade […]