Robots Attend School for Sick Kids?

That’s right! Robots are attending school for children who are homebound or ill in the hospital according to a CNN article. Technology is making it […]

A Fantastic Construction Game, With Lots Of Uses In The Classroom.

What is The Sandbox? The Sandbox is an app in which you can build vast worlds (think Minecraft but in 2D).  Have a look at […]

How Smart Schools Can Help Increase Inclusion

Classroom technology gives a voice to the ignored     A recent piece by Christina Thomas Dhanraj has reinvigorated the conversation around diversity in the […]

Classroom Technologies Enable Better Testing

Smart schools help minimise disruption caused by the new CBSE assessment structure     Last week, the Central Board for Secondary Education (CBSE) announced a […]

My article for Teach Primary Magazine: Teaching Using Virtual Reality.

I recently wrote for Teach Primary Magazine.  The article explains how to use virtual reality in the classroom. Please subscribe to Teach Primary Magazine to […]

An Interesting Infographic About Teachers & Technology

By James Logan. Click here to visit the author’s website. Tagged: classroom technology, edtech, education, educational technology, learning, teaching, technology

3 Tech Tools that every teacher should know about.

There’s a new tool or app out every day. Most of them making yet another promise to boost our productivity. The problem? They don’t always […]

Top 10 Ways To Use Tech In The Classroom

I recently did some writing for Scholastic, listing a number of ways to use technology in lessons. Click here for the full resource. Tagged: classroom […]

Conquering the EdTech World with GoConqr.

What exactly is GoConqr? In case you haven’t yet heard of it, GoConqr is a social learning network with more than 2.5 million users worldwide, […]

Share and collaborate the easy way with Padlet.

Padlet is a superb tech tool in which a virtual ‘wall’ can be set up by a teacher and then the class can post and […]

4 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Revolutionize the Classroom.

It’s hard to see anything other than artificial intelligence being the next frontier of the edtech front. More specifically, machine learning has quickly gained the […]

#364 Sway [8/8]: Create outline from Sway or Powerpoint

This is the final post in our Sway series. Do you like Sway so far? Why not leave a comment below? In this video we […]