Social Listening 101 Social listening is a vital tool for marketers, PR professionals, and business owners. You’ll see who’s talking about you and your competitors on social […]

Three Project Management Communication Pitfalls to Avoid

A good project manager needs to know that they are communicating well with their team - that he/she is hearing them and being heard. It […]

Can Science Defeat Stage Fright?

If your students are terrified of presenting, all is not lost for them. Research from Dublin City University and the Institute for Operations Research and the […]

Ideas sencillas para crear artefactos multimedia en el aula de primaria

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Why teachers should use Twitter

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Teachers: Do We Appreciate One Another?

This post was originally published in @PeterMDeWitt’s blog Finding Common Ground in Education Week. Today’s guest post is written by frequent Finding Common Ground blogger Lisa Westman. […]

Interested in using Slack with Moodle to improve the communication among students? Check out this experimental plugin #Moodleplugins @SlackHQ

Slack – the cloud based team collaboration tool may soon find a way for Moodle users. Slack offers a lot of IRC-like features: persistent chat […]

Mentimeter and PollEverywhere – Audience Response Systems Introduction

Before we start, there’s a couple of things to note about using free web tools: Sites now often offer “freemium” services (the word freemium is […]

Why we deliberately avoid certain types of information

The way we access information has seldom been under more scrutiny, with our ‘post-truth’ age prompting a great deal of analysis as to both how […]

Learn How To Improve Your Communication and Become More Efficient

It really is surprising how many of us take communication proficiency for granted. Whether it’s in a written email, a meeting, presentation, or simply a […]

3 Surefire Ways to Lower Anxiety in Student Presenters

If your classes have a presentation component, then you know just how nerve-wracking presenting can be for your students. Even normally outgoing and relaxed people […]

Mastering Discussion-Based Assessments (DBAs)

If you missed this week’s Facebook Live Q&A about discussion-based assessments, don’t worry! In this post, we’re sharing a great video recap that covers everything […]