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http://es.99chats.com/ Inserte una sala de chat en su página Web, blog o perfil de red social gratis.Filed under: · Multimedia Tagged: communication

Core skills screening through Moodle Quizzes – MoodleMoot UK & Ireland 2017 #mootieuk17

Core Skills are five skills that are key to learning and working in today’s world. According to SQA, employers have identified these five skills as […]

What can L&D learn from the UK election results?

Unicorn CEO Peter Phillips explores some of the parallels between the recent UK General Election, and themes of engagement, communication and social influence in learning. […]

The 9 Reasons Why Delivery is King Over Content

What’s more important in preparing for your big presentation: what you say or how you say it? Ask the audience who first cheered for Susan […]

Amazing Kids!

http://amazing-kids.org/ Founded in 1998, Amazing Kids!’ mission is to help inspire kids to discover their own unique gifts and to use them in positive and […]

Escribir para Convencer

https://www.edx.org/course/escribir-para-convencer-javerianax-esc1-0x#! En este MOOC aprenderá a escribir para convencer a partir de aspectos clave y estrategias de argumentación escrita para alcanzar una comunicación efectiva y […]

7 Famous Speeches that Changed the World

Throughout history, the human voice has always been a powerful weapon for change. Many great leaders, great orators, and people with vision have given speeches […]

Operation Recycle Part II: Get Your Breakout On!

Earlier in the week I wrote a post about Operation Recycle, a brand-new Breakout EDU game I recently designed for our school’s sixth grade environmental […]

Communication Skills for Bridging Divides

https://www.edx.org/course/communication-skills-bridging-divides-catalystx-ildiv1x-0 Develop practical communication skills to mend divides and build a more tolerant and inclusive world through this “mini-course.”Filed under: MOOCs Tagged: communication

Military Crossroads with Career and Technical Education (CTE)

Michael Francis, U.S. Army Sergeant From 2000 to 2004, I was an active duty Soldier in the United States Army and have been in the […]

WHAT’S the MOST IMPORTANT in Professional Development-Teacher Training in Modern EDUcation!?

. . WHAT’S the MOST IMPORTANT in Professional Development-Teacher Training in Modern EDUcation!? Is it the use of #EdTech (Apps and WHATEVER), technology, WHAT MOST […]

Reflections on strategies of inclusive and engaging learning courses

1. Disruptive education – new ways of teaching and learning Getting access to information, developing new concepts of thinking and creating new approaches and scenarios to solve problems […]