How Can You Use Content Curation In Your L&D Strategy?

While Learning and Development (L&D) teams realize the importance of using content curation in their learning strategy, they are keen to see its practical application […]

Everything You Need To Know About Training Content Curation

Interactive training courses are fun! They immerse the learner in different experiences – all designed to maximize retention. Of course, all of these won’t be […]

Resources to Support Collection Development: Book Lists and More

Why You Should Use Content Curation To Support Your Corporate Training - 5 Questions Answered

Today’s learners need information that is relevant, up-to-date, and fresh and accessible. That’s where content curation comes into play. In this article, I outline how […]


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Become the Google of Learning in 6 Steps

BYTE Session Recap As we start to build our relationship with our learners, we want to ensure they turn to us and our resources when […]

Learning, design, and curated resources

Content curation to me is not just one thing or one methodology. I see content curation as different techniques for using (and sometimes modifying) already existing resources rather than creating from new. […]

5 Reasons You Need To Curate Content For Continuous Learning

How do you keep your learners smart every day? Courses alone won't cut it. They're great in the moment, but things change. To stay smart […]

70:20:10 Challenges: Turning Curation Into Knowledge Sharing

Most curated content does not qualify as knowledge sharing, whereas if done correctly it can be a very powerful tool. This article explains how to […]

Is Content Curation the Future of Instructional Design?

Curation is a trending topic getting a lot of attention in the training and learning and development industry. But why? What’s happening in business, which […]

How to deliver fresh, relevant & engaging content to your students through content curation #Moodleplugins

Have you ever tried to show external content in your Moodle site to keep learners engaged? How relevant the content was to your learning? And […]

TEL Me About Content Curation Tools – workshop write-up.

On Wednesday 25 January we ran a TEL Me About workshop on using online content curation tools and how content curation can be seen as […]