Learning, design, and curated resources

Content curation to me is not just one thing or one methodology. I see content curation as different techniques for using (and sometimes modifying) already existing resources rather than creating from new. […]

5 Reasons You Need To Curate Content For Continuous Learning

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How to deliver fresh, relevant & engaging content to your students through content curation #Moodleplugins

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TEL Me About Content Curation Tools – workshop write-up.

On Wednesday 25 January we ran a TEL Me About workshop on using online content curation tools and how content curation can be seen as […]

Curriculum Effectiveness Through EQ, Resilience, And Learning Style Implementation

Why curriculum effectiveness can be improved if the principles of emotional intelligence and resilience are combined with two or more learning styles. This post was […]

Content Curation And Crap Detection: 10 Ways To Detect Crap In What You Share

As we drown in more and more information every day, one skill that’s becoming increasingly important for learning designers is content curation. This article explains […]

Curation is the Key to Managing Your Personal Learning Network

If you’re like me, you are subscribed to dozens of email lists, content newsletters, and newsfeeds about training and development. Additionally, you belong to professional […]

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