New study aims to help the crowd become smarter

The wisdom of crowds has relatively quickly become a heuristic to live by, with the theory being that the aggregation of multiple perspectives will deliver […]

Using the crowd to gain better insights into the energy network

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Using the crowd to make robotic conversations more natural

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How games can create citizen neuroscientists

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Watchworthy Wednesday: Gratitude Increases Well-being

As Americans gather to celebrate Thanksgiving Day tomorrow, people around the globe can take part in giving thanks through free online projects that aim to […]

Can you crowdsource test questions?

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The role peer pressure plays in citizen science

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Crowdsourcing mapping for driverless cars

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How crowdsourcing can keep your innovation customer focused

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Scholarpedia aims to bridge the gap between journals and the world

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Open challenge makes breakthrough in personalized leukemia treatments

The last few years has seen a tremendous rise in the hype around big data and it’s applications for medicine.  The potential is clear, with […]

Researchers work on automated means of managing the crowd

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