Research explores the best environment for ideation

The rise in social technologies has enabled the ideation process to be outsourced to the crowd in ways never before possible.  However, whilst soliciting input […]

Crowdsourcing better understanding of autism

Autism is a condition that affects a great many people around the world, but the level of expertise is not spread equally, therefore leaving many […]

The win-win of crowdsourcing

The motivations of participants in crowdsourcing projects has been something I’ve touched on numerous times on this blog down the years. Traditionally, it was regarded to be […]

How to make the most out of a conference

When I was invited to kick off last week’s AITD National Conference by hosting a breakfast session about Personal Knowledge Management, the last thing I […]

Crowdsourcing Crowdsourcing (del inglés crowd –multitud– y outsourcing –recursos externos–) se podría traducir al español como colaboración abierta distribuida o externalización abierta de tareas, y […]

Why the number of backers matters more than how much you raise

As crowdfunding has grown in popularity, a number of studies have set out to better understand what lies behind the most successful projects.  Indeed, UC […]

New study aims to help the crowd become smarter

The wisdom of crowds has relatively quickly become a heuristic to live by, with the theory being that the aggregation of multiple perspectives will deliver […]

Using the crowd to gain better insights into the energy network

The Internet of Things allows us to gain much richer insights into networks such as our railways and electricity grids.  This insight is likely to […]

Using the crowd to make robotic conversations more natural

Despite AI based personal assistants getting progressively better in recent years, there is still much work to be done before machines are capable of having […]

How games can create citizen neuroscientists

Over the last few years I’ve covered a number of fascinating games whereby the players become active participants in scientific research. For instance Phylo was […]

Watchworthy Wednesday: Gratitude Increases Well-being

As Americans gather to celebrate Thanksgiving Day tomorrow, people around the globe can take part in giving thanks through free online projects that aim to […]

Can you crowdsource test questions?

Testing is a fundamental part of the education process, but the act of coming up with the questions in those tests has largely remained unchanged […]