Why companies fail to absorb external innovation

Open innovation is increasingly popular, but the ability to absorb exciting ideas and innovations that originate outside the organization remains challenging.  A recent study examines […]

Study examines cultural differences in workplace motivation

There have been no shortages of studies aiming to shed light on what motivates us and inspires great performance in the workplace.  A recent international […]

How important is nationality to management style?

The work on culture by Geert Hofstede is something that I’ve covered a few times on this blog over the years.  He proposed various dimensions […]

Is busyness another form of humbelbragging?

It can seem at times that we’re busier than ever before, but how much of what we load ourselves with is actually necessary?  A recent […]

The Critical Problem Revenue Doesn’t Solve

When Robert first said it, I didn’t think much of it. But then he said it again, “Revenue Solves All Organizational Problems.” I couldn’t bear […]

Come Run with Us at ATDTK 2017!

Continuing a longstanding tradition of running at conference, we’d like to invite all of you to join us for a run at ATDTK 2017! The […]

Six Behind the Scenes Photos and Videos at eLearning Brothers

We had a blast producing our video, We Are eLearning Brothers. The principles that we followed in producing the video made it something of a […]

Should you stand out or fit in at work?

It’s often been said that to innovate requires a level of thought diversity that lends organizations to embrace the misfits and oddballs among us, as […]

Pssst, THE MOST IMPORTANT in EDUcation: understanding!!

. . IF A, B, C aren’t understood then Z will be a disaster!!! . First of all I won’t have a look about the […]

Surviving in a workplace where you just don’t belong

It’s easy to sense something of a dichotomy at work when it comes to culture in the workplace.  For instance, on one hand there have […]

Do Soft Skills Translate Between Cultures? 3 Tips for Your Language Program

When it comes to cross-cultural communication, soft skills such as listening and emotional intelligence can be just as important as hard language skills.In a globalized […]

Come Run with Us at DevLearn 2016!

We are planning on holding the 3rd Annual DevLearn Run with the Bros event tomorrow morning at 7am! If you’re attending the DevLearn conference down […]