You Can Change Your Organizational Culture – Here’s How

In order to change your culture, it is essential to identify all the behaviors that bolster the cultural status-quo. Focus then on the culture you […]

Respect for Others: The Foundation of Every Relationship

Each one of us can respect others, regardless of our personal interpretation of the concept. Do you follow the guiding principles of showing respect to […]

Language, Culture & Math

I just spent the last 3 days at a Summer Academy for Purposeful Math Planning. I was very intrigued when we were discussing number sense […]

Breaking Through the Pixels: Reaching Out to Coworkers in a Virtual Company

Shane Donahue, SweetRush's Creative Director, shares his experience visiting his Costa Rican coworkers, and the importance of connection in a virtual company.

The importance of ‘frenemies’ at work

The social landscape of the workplace can be a complex domain to navigate.  Whilst it can seem straightforward when you talk about those who you […]

The role culture plays in MOOC success

As MOOCs have grown in popularity, so too have attempts to improve them, whether that’s in terms of the demographics of the student body, the […]

Do star performers thrive in cooperative environments?

How to handle your best performers is something I’ve touched on a few times before.  For instance, a study from last year highlighted the importance […]

3 Flawless Leadership Lessons You MUST Learn from Chick-fil-A

I have always been enamored with companies that blatantly outperform the competition. I marvel in everything from their CEO’s decision making, habits of their leadership team, marketing, strategy, […]

How culture influences absenteeism

Absenteeism does no one any good, and recent figures have suggested it can cost as much as 4% of GDP.  This is a considerable factor […]

Startup aims to support the nomadic lifestyle

Legend has it that moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do.  This is especially so if you’re moving to a […]

St. George - The Dragon Slayer

St George’s Day takes place on April 23rd every year, celebrating the patron saint of England, made famous for slaying a dragon and saving a […]

David Kelly’s Curated Content for the Week of 4/10/17

I read through a number of articles and blog posts each day, and every Monday I curate a few of my favorites for members of […]