DC: The as-yet-to-exist-but-forthcoming “Amazon.com of Higher education” will have capabilities like this

From DSC: First of all, let me say again that I’m not suggesting that we replace professors with artificial intelligence, algorithms, and such. However, given […]

Heads-up higher ed! These vendors can help us bring remote learners into our face-to-face based classrooms! [Christian]

From DSC: In terms of learning, having to be in the same physical place as others continues to not be a requirement nearly as much […]

What are the ramifications for higher education re: the *massive* changes beginning to take place due to AI, automation, & robotics?

From DSC: The recent pieces below made me once again reflect on the massive changes that are quickly approaching — and in some cases are […]

So glad the tomb was empty! Happy Easter!

The 82 Hottest EdTech Tools of 2017 According to Education Experts [Cassella; tutora.co.uk]

The 82 Hottest EdTech Tools of 2017 According to Education Experts — from tutora.co.uk by Giorgio Cassella Excerpt: If you work in education, you’ll know […]

Wish our vending machines here had some sensors in them in order to…

From DSC: I wish our vending machines here had some sensors in them in order to relay back to the vendor that we’re getting low […]

Will higher ed learn from the world of retail, before the “Next Amazon.com of Higher Education” hits the scene?

Retailers cut tens of thousands of jobs. Again. — from money.cnn.com by Paul R. La Monica The dramatic reshaping of the American retail industry has, […]

Reflections on “The Hidden Costs of Active Learning” [Mennella]

The Hidden Costs of Active Learning — from by Thomas Mennella Flipped and active learning truly are a better way for students to learn, but […]

Imagine the possibilities here! A cognitive-enabled interactive whiteboard that uses voice recognition, takes notes/actions, & translates languages!

(Below emphasis via DSC) IBM and Ricoh have partnered for a cognitive-enabled interactive whiteboard which uses IBM’s Watson intelligence and voice technologies to support voice […]

Reflections on “The Blockchain Revolution and Higher Education” [Tapscott & Tapscott]

The Blockchain Revolution and Higher Education — from er.educause.edu by Don Tapscott and Alex Tapscott The blockchain provides a rich, secure, and transparent platform on […]

What skills do your current learning spaces develop in your students? How about these skills!

At the recent Next Generation Learning Spaces Conference, during one of the workshops, the question was asked: What skills do your current facilities promote/develop? A […]

Teachers & professors! Find out ahead of time where the problems are, then focus on those in your class.

    From DSC: For you ed tech vendors, programmers, and/or entrepreneurs out there, would you please create the software to do this? By the […]