Differentiation is The Key to Assessment For Learning

“Too often, educational tests, grades, and report cards are treated by teachers as autopsies when they should be viewed as physicals.” Douglas Reeves One of […]

Tips for Better Data Visualization

If you’re in the business of data – analyzing it, assessing it, interpreting it, or presenting it – then you also need to find creative […]

Why Every Teacher Should Go See “Hidden Figures”

Last month I saw the movie “Hidden Figures” and I was so incredibly inspired. I am a former English teacher, so my love is words […]

does learning design + TEL = the future?

Language matters. Whether its training or lecture capture instead of teaching or recording resources, the words we use and the ways we interpret them are full of […]

Estonia and Finland enter patient data sharing agreement

Data sharing in healthcare is a topic I’ve touched on a number of times recently, with a recent paper from the European Commission highlighting some […]

10-Part “Advanced Google Sheets to Blow Your Mind!” Part 1 – Fundations Progress Monitoring Sheet

On February 16th, 2017, I gave a presentation to a packed house entitled “10 Google Sheets to Blow Your Mind (plus some tips and tricks).” […]

Baseball and your Learning Organization

Baseball and your Learning Organization As an admitted Cleveland Indians fan and gracious World Series loser, I thought long and hard about how I could […]

Mississippi Attorney General Sues Google Over Student-Data Privacy

Mississippi's state attorney general hopes to force Google to be more transparent about how it handles data generated by student users of G Suite for […]

Form+: A Data Collection Tool For Educators.

With an intuitive and user-friendly form builder, Form+ is a service that allows you collect data (including files) easily using web forms. Data is stored in […]

Measuring the Information Society Report 2016: Mobile, internet use, and regional differences

I am reblogging this here from Panoply Digital. 2016 was, needless to say for all in the development field, a challenging year. As such, we welcome […]

Blockchain Solutions for Cyber & Data Security

In the world of increasing cyber-crimes and businesses’ struggle to cope with data security, its regulation and privacy concerns, can blockchain be a great relief? […]

The growing need for IoT search engines that machines can use

It’s perhaps not entirely intuitive that the Internet of Things will be an entity that will require searchability, but a recent paper makes the case […]