Next-Generation eLearning: Learning Quests Combine Original Content, Story, Curation, and Gamification by Fiona Quigley

Most eLearning design is still stuck in the 1990s. Can’t we easily replicate the type of online or app experience that most of us now […]

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Happy New Year! Jane leads the year off with her review of topics from 2016.

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Accessibility, mobile availability, and engaging design are not oppositional, according to Guild Master Allison Rossett. It’s important to create personalized eLearning that fits learners’ circumstances.

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The agile manifesto, compiled more than 15 years ago, is hardly out of date today in its principles or core tenets. But there is another […]

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Designing eLearning with the user in mind creates a better overall learner experience. You can accomplish this through user testing or by taking a universal […]

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Welcome to Metafocus, the newest monthly column at Learning Solutions Magazine: a column dedicated to virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed/modified/merged reality (MR), games, […]