xAPI Can Tell You What They Learned from the Video by Anthony Altieri

To verify that learners viewed and understood a video, you must know how to construct the xAPI data and correlate video consumption and quiz performance.

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Five suggestions for adding interactivity to video—quickly and inexpensively.

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Virtual training coach Cindy Huggett shares her secrets to creating engaging virtual classroom training and honing your skills as a facilitator or producer.

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You can programmatically add meaningful data to xAPI statements so that you can track where learners interacted with video or pressed a button. Here’s how.

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Articulate 360, which launched in November 2016, includes award-winning authoring apps like Storyline 360 and Rise; over 1.5 million course assets; an easy-to-use course review […]

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Virtual, augmented, and mixed reality applications are poised to explode into the consumer market. That explosion will bring with it the mainstreaming of this technology […]

Demystifying the Connections Between the LMS, LRS, and xAPI by Brian Carlson, Margaret Roth and Michael Hruska

If you’ve attended a learning conference recently, you’ve heard the buzz around learning record stores (LRSs) and the Experience API (xAPI). With so much attention […]

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Sometimes we get to produce eLearning with a team, and sometimes we are a video department of one. Doing all the work of video creation—being […]

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