Top 10 Team Achievements in 2016

As I reflected on the words I was going to say to the LearnLoft team at this year’s Christmas party, I took a moment to […]

Data portal aims to shed light on African governance

There have been a number of interesting projects in the past few years to try and increase the transparency levels of governments around the world.  […]

How to Elevate Your L+D Game in 2017

3 Key Takeaways from our Director of Learning’s 2016 DevLearn Talk The house was packed, and the message was clear: if we want to elevate […]

Three tips to get the most out of a convention

Convention are something I look forward to all year. It is a time to see old faces and catch up with colleges and friends in […]

Developers’ Perspective – Re:Develop 2016

Never disappoint a child with a promise you can’t keep. What’s this got to do with eLearning? Well, for a start it was an important lesson […]

5 Effective Strategies to Prepare Your Customer Service Reps for the Holiday Season

Pumpkin spice everything and sparkling lights? The holiday season has officially begun. Black Friday, Cyber Monday and all the days between now and New Year’s […]

A dummie’s guide to engaging millennials

I’ve read the word ‘Millennial’ so many times in articles, branding and advertising over the last few months, that I can just about muster up […]

International Award for Gamification Nation

At the Gamification World Congress, Gamification Nation’s recent recruit, Andrzej Marczewski, won the prestigious ‘Contribution to the Industry’ Award. The Gamification World Congress was held […]

Using machine learning to identify poverty

The last few years have seen a number of interesting developments involving satellites.  For instance, Planet Labs have developed a small, agile imaging satellite that […]

Why Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is Important in the Workplace

Did you know that your level of emotional intelligence can have just as much of an impact on your work life as it does on […]

Why Sales Leadership is So Hard

Sales is a tough career. From the moment you start, you’re judged on the numbers. There is no where to hide. When you start out […]

5 Free Online Courses to Help You Succeed at Work

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