Storytelling for Teacher Training from Finland

Stories. The weave that binds communities together - communities which may be structured learning communities or others.  Stories. The tracing of a flow of identity […]

Unity Development-Build 6 Games From Scratch

In Unity Development course created by Awesome Tuts, we will learn to build 6 fully featured games from scratch. Lets have a look at the games […]

Get Started with Remote Debugging Android Devices  |  Web  |  Google Developers

Whilst building a new app for Android for an eLearning course, there was an issue with the files loading in a custom chrome tab. Usually… […]

Lean UX: Are You Collecting Sufficient Feedback and Validating Enough?

Understanding Lean UX and Its Suitability For Teams In today’s dynamic environment, development teams need to be nimble and adept at dealing with change. No longer […]

WordPress Plugins,Interview with Laura Klein,Productivity Tools, Startup Tips

zipBoard Digest The Essential Plugins To Launch A WordPress Website An extensive list of tools that are required for setting up your WordPress site. How […]

4 Measurement Strategies That Create the Right Incentives for Learning

Why measure learning? The easy answer is to track learner progress. The subtler, more powerful answer is to drive learner behavior. Dan Ariely, behavioral scientist […]

ATD – The Seven Principles of Learning Reinforcement

We’re a little slower off the mark with this blog (you can blame the subsequent trip to New York for that – next blog imminent!), […]

Important Factors to Consider Before Developing a Website for Your School or College

Are you thinking about developing a new website for your school or college? Having this online facility is an effective way to communicate with parents, […]

DIY website tools, Sketch/Figma or Adobe XD, Collaborative authoring tools, Tech products

zipBoard Digest DIY Website Tools Having a website is great for selling products, building your online presence, doing outreach programs or even if you just feel […]

#DearID Episode 44: Simon Date on MOOCs

The first of three (I say four in audio) episodes with Simon Date, Adapt developer extraordinaire! Simon took me up on my ridiculous pitch at […]

Food Safety Summit – RECAP

How to Encourage Social Learning Through eLearning

Humans tend to be social creatures. In general, we like to form connections, share ideas and interact with other people – particularly in the workplace. […]