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Top 10 Design Trends of 2016 and What to Look for in 2017

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Who Needs Training? 1/3 of Americans Receive No Formal Training From Their Employer

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New functionalities of the Snackson application!

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Learning analysis, design and delivery are still key, say L&D professionals

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Improving Knowledge Retention in Learners

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My Core Beliefs About Adult Learning (CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) What are the core beliefs about adult learning and development that guide your practice as an adult educator? This […]

Top 10 Team Achievements in 2016

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Data portal aims to shed light on African governance

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Developers’ Perspective – Re:Develop 2016

Never disappoint a child with a promise you can’t keep. What’s this got to do with eLearning? Well, for a start it was an important lesson […]