How the Big Data of NASCAR Reflects the Future of Learning

One of the biggest events in NASCAR is the Daytona 500. The race is 500 miles of cars driving in a circle. I know it […]

10 strategies for lightning-quick feedback students can REALLY use

Using homework assignments to give feedback is pokey. Inefficient. Slow. Think about the length of the feedback loop for traditional homework assignments: Teacher assigns homework […]

SAS Curriculum Pathways: Free Online practice for Core K12 courses

SAS Curriculum Pathways: Free Online practice for Core K12 courses: Gotta love free. If they were...

Free resources: Desmos Algebra Demos

Free resources: Desmos Algebra Demos : At Desmos, our mission is to help every student learn math...

In W.Va., Teachers Turn Trump's 'Fake News' Attacks Into Teachable Moments

At West Virginia's Ripley High, teachers are developing media literacy skills in students who are trying to critically examine allegations about "fake news" and media […]

Rhode Island Announces Statewide K-12 Personalized Learning Push

The Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative and other funders are supporting Rhode Island's efforts to define and research personalized learning in traditional public schools.

Worried About Artificial Intelligence Replacing You?

Personalised technology in the classroom will ensure you come out on top   Some of you might be intimately familiar with the terrifying experience of […]

Safely Guiding Students on Learning Journey

I remember the first year I started teaching. It was exhilarating and confusing and led me to a mini-existential crisis of sorts that I imagine […]

Watchworthy Wednesday: Celebrate Digital Learning Day Feb. 23

Students and educators nationwide will be taking part in Digital Learning Day (DLDay) tomorrow, focusing on innovative ways technology enhances teaching and learning. “In some […]

3 Steps to Implement Data-Driven Instruction (Part 3/3)

In parts 1 and 2, we looked how to get started collecting data for DDI and then how to use that data to plan for whole and […]

Just in Time Data

Just in Time Data Over the past few weeks, we focused on Data-Driven Instruction: how to use data gathered over an extended period of time to […]

Is Student-Centered Learning Like Opening Pandora’s Box?

I recently met with a group of veteran teachers from “traditional” schools to discuss student-centered learning. Perhaps because most of the educators in my Personal […]