Netprov: Storytelling as Performing Art

I’m no longer surprised when new media trends turn out to be rooted in decades-old practices. Netprov — networked, improvised storytelling in available media — is a […]

Watchworthy Wednesday: Podcast Examines Human Rights Data Analysis

“Data is always lying to you… but, we can fix it, sometimes, maybe.” That’s how Patrick Ball, director of research for the Human Rights Data […]

Form+: A Data Collection Tool For Educators.

With an intuitive and user-friendly form builder, Form+ is a service that allows you collect data (including files) easily using web forms. Data is stored in […]

Share and collaborate the easy way with Padlet.

Padlet is a superb tech tool in which a virtual ‘wall’ can be set up by a teacher and then the class can post and […]

I got it off Google Images…

I often ask teachers if they use Google Images for the pictures they use in the resources they make for the classroom. The majority of […]

Google Announces Toontastic 3-D

Google Announces Toontastic 3-D: 3… 2… 1… ACTION! With Toontastic 3D you can draw, animate, and...


The Report of the SREB Commission on Computer Science and Information Technology SREB’s Commission...

EDTECH4BEGINNERS Voted A Top Teacher Website

I am pleased to have been voted in the ‘Top 50 Teacher Websites For Seriously Dedicated Educators’ by Teachers Of Tomorrow organisation. Do check out the […]

How tech encouraged creativity in one of my students.

Our class topic was ‘Coasts’ and the students certainly enjoyed learning all about their features. I was really pleased when a student, in his own […]

5 ideas for using Google Classroom’s new differentiation and grouping feature

One huge drawback of using Google Classroom has beenthe inflexibility of creating assignments. Everything you assigned had to go to every student. Deliver assignments to […]

Sorting Through the EdTech Toolbox: 6 Blended Learning Tool Categories

We keep saying that technology is just a tool, but what do we really mean? I have a full toolbox out in the garage, but I […]

2017 Trends: What will be gone by 2018?

According to THE Journal, the NINE big Ed Tech trends for 2017 are going to be: Coding Augmented...