“Chatbots-The Next Big Thing,” + “MyPrivateTutor Releases Chatbot for Finding Tutors” + other resources/reflections re: chatbots

Chatbots: The next big thing — from dw.com Excerpt: More and more European developers are discovering the potential of chatbots. These mini-programs interact automatically with […]

Some sharp possibilities for learning about human anatomy

3dorganon.com User interface features:     Visualize anatomy using the latest 3D technologies.     Single- and multi-select modes.     Rotate, pan, and zoom in/out 3D models. […]

Let’s build facilities that have *multiple* types of production/recording studios — then let faculty pick which one(s) they want to use. [Christian]

From DSC: The following article reminded me of a vision that I’ve had for the last few years… How to Build a Production Studio for […]

Interesting/innovative! Mattel is developing a smart baby monitor called Aristotle that is designed to grow and learn with the child. [Rittenhouse]

A new $300 gadget from Mattel will make being a parent much easier — from thestreet.com by Lindsay Rittenhouse Mattel is developing a smart baby […]

“5 Online Education Trends to Watch in 2017” [Friedman] + “The Future of Online Learning Is Offline” [Ahearn]

5 Online Education Trends to Watch in 2017 — from usnews.com by Jordan Friedman Experts predict more online programs will offer alternative credentials and degrees […]

Don’t discount the game-changing power of the morphing “TV” when coupled with AI, NLP, and blockchain-based technologies! [Christian]

From DSC: Don’t discount the game-changing power of the morphing “TV” when coupled with artificial intelligence (AI), natural language processing (NLP), and blockchain-based technologies! When […]

17 for ’17: Industry Experts on E-learning & EdTech Trends for 2017

It’s almost time for the new year, new me posts. It’s time to predict what 2017 will be ushering in and also a time to […]

15 Ideas and Tons of Resources to Try with Learners in 2017

“Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important.” ~ Bill Gates […]

“Virtual reality is actually here” [Perkins] + 8 other items involving AR, VR, & MR

Virtual reality is actually here — from computerworld.in by Bart Perkins Excerpts: In parallel with gaming, VR is expanding into many other areas, including these: […]

10 Simple Ways to Use Pinterest For Classroom Teaching

With the world booming up every day in the field of science, there are many more areas that are constantly evolving. Education, medicine, entertainment etc […]

Study Methods Part 2

Study Method Continuation: For Better Understanding, read the STUDY METHOD PART 1 Study Methods, the Magic for Studying   6. Chunking: You should be looking […]

Stakes continue to be put into the ground on AI, personal assistants, new forms of HCI. [Christian]

    Today, we’re at the Windows Hardware Engineering Community event (WinHEC) in Shenzhen, China –where our OEM partners have created more than 300 Windows […]