The Chief Learning Officer’s Survival Guide: Part Two

Step Two: Budget – Why are We Always Short on Cash to Innovate? Welcome to the second installment of our series on how CLOs, trainers […]

Global eLearning: Rising To The Challenge Of Nation Building - Part II

To deny an education to generations of children is to deny our own future! The purpose of this article is to propose a potential solution […]

Updates abound: New features for Flipgrid, Google Classroom, Formative and Kahoot!

This year is no exception. In fact, just yesterday (the day before I publish this post), Flipgrid threw a HUGE bash at their Minneapolis headquarters […]

Global eLearning: Rising To The Challenge Of Nation Building - Part I

The greatest advantage to eLearning is that its reach is global. Through the use of eLearning we have the technology and infrastructure to educate children […]

Introduction to Podcasting in Education

The following presentation is from the Podcast/Vodcast Workshop presented by John McKenzie. Want to learn more about Podcasting or learn to use Zoom? Contact us […]

Creating High-Quality Video Lessons In A Traditional Classroom: A Personal Insight

This article describes my personal experience related to a simple way anyone can create high quality video lessons without spending additional time except for the […]

5 mistaken differences between education games and the gamification of education

And 12 ways in which these ideas are problematic. Gamification is generally defined as the use of game design elements in non-game contexts. Fair enough. […]

18 Online Schools And Websites Where iOS App Education Can Be Found

The world has become a global village wherein technology has made life easier. Education is one of the areas which technology has influenced: People no […]

Another three years … what’s next? #CMALT

In November 2013 I finally completed my CMALT portfolio and achieved the much lauded CMALT accreditation. Three (and quite a bit) years later I have […]

How to Convince Top Management to Implement Educational Technology

Explore new ways and reasons to convince your top management to implement educational technology in the organization.

Our Journey to VocabularySpellingCity

SpellingCity’s Journey to VocabularySpellingCity Our Journey from SpellingCity to VocabularySpellingCity At VocabularySpellingCity, we went through a transition, moving from being a spelling program to one focused on […]

Improving Reading Comprehension through Vocabulary Retention

Keys to Vocabulary Success  Vocabulary is responsible for 70% of reading comprehension problems in elementary schools. And while the research is clear on what most students […]