The Comparative Degree: Micro eLearning VS Traditional eLearning – What is your choice?

It’s a pleasant week and we are back again with our scales of comparison in the comparative degree series. This time around, we are comparing […]

Icon Inspirations for E-learning designers

A purpose, an intention, a design, strikes everywhere even the careless, the most stupid thinker — David Hume The basic idea to design is to communicate and if […]

Will You Fit Into Deloitte – A Celebration

Three years after it was made the interactive video Will You Fit Into Deloitte is still regularly cited as an exemplar for corporate video makers.  […]

Activity recording in eLearning platforms

eLearning in WordPress is just emerging but most of the options in WordPress are not compliant with the popular eLearning standards and that is going to […]

Magnetic eLearning Marketing Formula

Three-part strategy for getting the word out and causing a stir As you shift your focus from developing great content to getting the word out, […]

WPLMS vs EducationWP (LearnPress)

Education sector is one of the most demanding and  dynamic space for softwares, everyone is looking for a flexible, robust and full of features product which […]

Breaking Down Barriers to eLearning

The latest Towards Maturity ‘Learning Benchmark Report’, released November 2016, has some valuable insights as to why some organizations are failing to realize the benefits […]


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The Dos And Don’ts Of Managing People: How To Mend Broken Morale

Perhaps you’ve encountered this before in your career: You get an exciting, challenging position in an outstanding company. It should be a dream job, and […]

What’s New in eLearning – Post #2

We follow our first What’s New post with a couple more tools that we feel could have potential for use in eLearning and related areas […]

Benefits of an LMS: Using Collaboration to Improve Productivity

An LMS isn’t just for learning – here’s how you can increase collaboration and productivity Learning management systems are hugely beneficial for increasing an organization’s […]

Camtasia Templates in Action

Have you noticed that eLearning course creators are amazing? How many eLearning courses have you seen that are not only educational, but amazingly eye pleasing […]