5 Reasons to Implement New Store Technology

Retail used to be fairly technology-free up until the time the customer needed to check out.

How to Engage Employees? Include Them in the Employee Training Process

According to Gallup, 51% of employees in the U.S. workforce “are not engaged and haven’t been for quite some time.”

Upcoming Webinar - Employee Training and Its Impact on Productivity, Retention and Revenue

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KMI Academy Launches PowerLift® Training Online

KMI learning and PowerLift® Training are proud to announce the launch of the new PowerLift® online training program on KMI Academy. PowerLift® has trained nearly […]

Training your Employees on the Web

Training your Employees on the Web Employee training is an essential part of business in the global marketplace. Industries across the world develop very rapidly, […]

The Disruption of Digital Learning: Ten Things We Have Learned

It's no secret that the corporate L&D industry has been catching up with the digital transformation happening in the workplace. 

3 Shocking Facts About Knowledge Retention (and How an LMS Can Help)

Employees will forget up to 50% of what they learned within an hour One of the biggest obstacles preventing L&D effectiveness is the ability for […]

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