Top Colleges Ranking in India, Best Colleges In India

Top Colleges in India- 2017 Ranking gives you top colleges in India ranking. These rankings will help students who have cleared class 12 exams in […]

Teachers & professors! Find out ahead of time where the problems are, then focus on those in your class.

    From DSC: For you ed tech vendors, programmers, and/or entrepreneurs out there, would you please create the software to do this? By the […]

Trying to think of some summer programs to offer? Check these out!

Summer 2017 Human++ — Human-Machine Intelligence, Hacking Drones, Bio Fashion, Augmented Video Games, Aerial Filmmaking, Smart Tools, Soft Robotics and more! Excerpt: NuVu is a […]

Engineering Entrance Exam Calendar – 2017

Dear Engineering Exam Aspirants, In this article, we are going to tell you about Engineering Entrance Exam Calendar- 2017-18. You can get detail list on engineering […]

From Revit to VR []

Review: From Revit to VR — from Greg Corke gets hands-on with three Virtual Reality (VR) applications that work seamlessly with Autodesk Revit, weighing […]

“Your Next Personal Robot Could Be Professor Einstein”

Your Next Personal Robot Could Be Professor Einstein       From DSC: By the way, I’m not posting this to suggest that professors/teachers/trainers/etc. are […]

Virtual reality in architecture, engineering, construction, design

    Virtual Reality for architecture: a beginner’s guide — from With the availability of affordable headsets like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, […]

Walking into your local cafe, would you like a robot barista? See this item from J. Walter Thompson Intelligence.

From J. Walter Thompson Intelligence’s Weekly Roundup      From DSC: For me, using robots for baristas could take away from the charm/overall experience of […]

Engineering Entrance Exam Calendar – 2017-18

Dear Engineering Aspirants, Welcome to our Vagupu Blog… This engineering calendar that you can find below helps you in getting an overall idea about ongoing and […]

The technology trends that will shape business and society [CB Insights]

Per X Media Lab: The authoritative CB Insights lists imminent Future Tech Trends: customized babies; personalized foods; robotic companions; 3D printed housing; solar roads; ephemeral […]

DC: If viewers of a live basketball game can choose from multiple points of view, why can’t remote learners do this as well? This posting includes 7 resources re: VR/AR/MR.

CES 2017: Intel’s VR visions — from by Shepherd Laughlin The company showed off advances in volumetric capture, VR live streaming, and “merged reality.” […]

Periodic table of #STEAM apps updated!

Back in early July I created the periodic table of STEAM (that’s Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics for those who think I’m full of […]