To those who attended the 2017 workshop entitles Using and Adapting Authentic Materials to Help Motivate Student 「学習意欲を高めるオーセンティック教材の活用法」, the main site page for this workshop is located […]

This Is What It’s Like To Teach Online And Meet Your Students In-Person

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Hunting for online English games websites

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51Talk Unveils its Premium Brand “Hello World American Academy”

51Talk Unveils Premium Brand “Hello World American Academy,” Launching its “Honest Action” Pledge 51Talk Unveils its Premium Brand Today, on its one year IPO anniversary, 51Talk […]

My Dissertation Abstract on MMORPGs to Improve ESL Skills

A Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game with Language Learning Strategic Activities to Improve English Grammar, Listening, Reading, and Vocabulary This mixed-methods-collective-case-study focused on the use […]

The Top Four Benefits of Teaching Online

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How to Build an Online Professional Learning Community Through Respect

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