“Complete guide to VR careers ” [Metry] plus “VR jobs jump in the job market” [Strauss]

Complete Guide to Virtual Reality Careers — from vudream.com by Mark Metry Excerpt: So you want to jump in the illustrious intricate pool of Virtual […]

VR Content Challenges: Facebook Closing Oculus Story Studio

Digital Bodies: The news of Facebook closing Oculus Story Studio caught us by surprise. We were counting on seeing more VR films and projects from […]

AR, VR and AI Dominate Facebook’s F8 Conference

Digital Bodies: F8, the Facebook Developer conference, takes place for two days each April. This year, AR, VR and AI were at the center of […]

Augmented, Virtual Reality Yet to Gain Traction in K-12, Survey Finds

Just 5 percent of U.S. teachers say they are currently using augmented- or virtual-reality technologies in their classrooms, according to Project Tomorrow.

“5 things to know about Facebook’s huge AR fantasy” + other recent announcements from Facebook

Five things to know about Facebook’s huge augmented reality fantasy — from gizmodo.com by Michael Nunez Excerpt: One example of how this might work is […]

Facebook and LinkedIn: Complementary Tools

Though Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have different original purposes, they continue to become more like each other. Still, I find that I can use them […]

“The Enterprise Gets Smart” + AI principles from the 2017 Asilomar Conference

The Enterprise Gets Smart Companies are starting to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to bolster customer experience, improve security and optimize operations. Excerpt: […]

Dear Twitter. It’s not me, it’s you

Here’s a confession … I’m not as enamoured by Twitter as I used to be. Unlike a traditional break up argument (is this the case, […]

So long Instagram, it was fun

Yesterday I switched off another network, Instagram. I have left Instagram — David Hopkins (@hopkinsdavid) March 27, 2017 There are a few reasons for this. […]

Ten things that you should know about …

As a writing “warm up” for the Student Guides to Internet Learning Tools that my students are going to be writing and publishing, I asked Tia and […]

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Hiring Personalized-Learning Engineers

The new team will take over development of Summit Public Schools' personalized-learning software, ending the charter network's partnership with Facebook.

Oculus VR Lawsuit – Facebook to Pay ZeniMax $500 Million

Digital Bodies: The Oculus VR lawsuit wrapped up on Wednesday with a Texas court awarding ZeniMax $500 million in damages. The lawsuit charged that the […]