I think teaching and learning are a bit like dancing… [Professor David Koetje]

From DSC: Below is a great quote from David Koetje, Professor of Biology at Calvin College: I think teaching and learning are a bit like […]

The Higher Education Technology Paradox [Lucas]

The Higher Education Technology Paradox — from edtechmagazine.com by Hank Lucas The academic rewards system will continue to stymie technology adoption unless higher ed administrators promote organizational […]

Fall 2017 Rosters now in Sakai

We can’t believe another semester has come and gone. Congratulations to all the new Graduates of UNC! The Sakaiger also got into the spirit in […]

“7 things you should know about” for AI in teaching/learning as well as the evolution of teaching/learning professions [educause]

7 things you should know about artificial intelligence in teaching and learning — from Educause Learning Initiative (ELI) Abstract: The term artificial intelligence (AI) refers […]

Faculty members & teachers: Do your students a huge favor & assign them a digital communications project next time.

From DSC and Adobe — for faculty members and teachers out there: Do your students an enormous favor by assigning them a digital communications project. […]

The 2017 Dean’s List: EdTech’s 50 Must-Read Higher Ed Blogs [Meghan Bogardus Cortez at edtechmagazine.com]

  The 2017 Dean’s List: EdTech’s 50 Must-Read Higher Ed Blogs — from edtechmagazine.com by Meghan Bogardus Cortez These administrative all-stars, IT gurus, teachers and […]

#DearID Episode 39: Supporting Faculty with Online Teaching with Leslie Sandoval

This episode, I sit down with Leslie Sandoval, instructional designer of 11 years, and we talk higher ed and a project supporting faculty with online […]

Heads-up higher ed! These vendors can help us bring remote learners into our face-to-face based classrooms! [Christian]

From DSC: In terms of learning, having to be in the same physical place as others continues to not be a requirement nearly as much […]

NMC Horizon Report > 2017 Library Edition [nmc.org]

NMC Horizon Report > 2017 Library Edition — from nmc.org Excerpt: What is on the five-year horizon for academic and research libraries? Which trends and […]

“Students of the Future” — a short video from Educause

  Description: A portrait of the tools and technology that students of the future might encounter.

Teachers & professors! Find out ahead of time where the problems are, then focus on those in your class.

    From DSC: For you ed tech vendors, programmers, and/or entrepreneurs out there, would you please create the software to do this? By the […]

Summer 2017 Rosters now in Sakai

Happy Spring Break! We hope this week you all are getting a chance to relax and take a bit of a break from the Spring […]