Using Customer Feedback to Improve Your Sales

In the past we’ve talked about how important customer feedback is, and how you can use it when measuring your training offering for internal purposes. […]

Webinar: The Role of Feedback in the Classroom

In Tuesday's webinar, we focused on using feedback as a teaching device. Yuna Buhrman, from the ASU College of Health Solutions, shared a survey that […]

How to Handle Complaints at Work

In today’s workforce, it’s important to know how to handle complaints. You may think this is only relevant to people working in the hospitality or […]

Feedback Measure Sets in VTA 8.0

To continue my series on VTA Test Feedback features in version 8.0, I created a video that looks at another way to collect data from […]

Feedback Matrix for Instructional Design

The art and science of giving feedback is complex. What may appear to be quite easy to give, while at the same time quite difficult […]

Feedback in the Classroom

  I think that feedback is one of those constructs in education that seems both ‘common sensical’ yet elusive at the same time. It is […]

GoReact’s Origins: The Story, the Problem, and the Solution

The brilliant idea that eventually became GoReact all started with a very painful meeting . . . Meet Bill Baker Bill Baker, BYU Marriott School […]

Website Annotation and Design Collaboration Tools

How To Collaborate During Web Development The web design process today isn’t isolated or confined to a team in one location. There are many people […]

What Makes A Great Instructor?

Everyone remembers that one teacher, lecturer, or figure in their life that connected with them better than anyone else. The trouble is, that your favourite […]

GoReact Releases Industry-Changing Slide Integration Feature

GoReact, makers of a video-based skill-training platform used in the classroom, today released Slide SyncTM the first slide and video integration technology of its kind […]

What Is The Best Live Chat Solution For Your Website?

source: List of chat plugins to help you connect better with customers Our team @ zipBoard was recently looking for a chat plugin to […]

Diigo Weekly Bookmarks

What’s new this week in my Diigo bookmarks? Check out the links shown below to access two super cool and very useful tools can be […]