How To Ensure Students Take Your Feedback Seriously

“Stop ranting!” That’s what students are thinking, whenever a teacher begins giving feedback. Research, too, suggests that most children label feedback as demoralizing, irrelevant and unhelpful. […]

Secrets of Teacher Ed Part 1: A Game-Changing Tool

A couple of years ago as I was observing a student teacher, the often-shared thought that “the school classroom is the only place that hasn’t […]

New Feedback Studio overview

Many academics across the HE sector are familiar with Turnitin and GradeMark. It is a suite of tools used for assessment, mainly electronic marking and […]

Lean UX: Are You Collecting Sufficient Feedback and Validating Enough?

Understanding Lean UX and Its Suitability For Teams In today’s dynamic environment, development teams need to be nimble and adept at dealing with change. No longer […]

How to Motivate Your Team: 12 Must-Have Methods For The L&D Manager

by Nell Gelhaus Plenty of material is available for learning and development professionals who are looking for ways to increase their employees’ desire to learn. […]

Reflecting on Feedback and Assessment

I have never been much of number person in terms of assessment and educational feedback. Obviously, when working in educational institutions and systems, one must […]

How to Help Struggling Adult Learners

Young students may be open to receiving helpful guidance or critiques from their teachers, but adult learners tend to have a much different perception of […]

Making Learning more accessible with Moodle Mobile 3.3 – Check out the new version of Moodle Mobile App #Moodlemobile

Following the focus on improving user experience, performance and accessibility, the official Moodle Mobile app version 3.3 is released last weeekend. The new version of […]

WHAT’S the MOST IMPORTANT in Professional Development-Teacher Training in Modern EDUcation!?

. . WHAT’S the MOST IMPORTANT in Professional Development-Teacher Training in Modern EDUcation!? Is it the use of #EdTech (Apps and WHATEVER), technology, WHAT MOST […]

Collaborative authoring tools: All you want to know!

E-learning authoring tools have slowly become the mainstay for e-learning developers and course creators since the past few years. Authoring tools essentially allow e-learning professionals […]

Using Customer Feedback to Improve Your Sales

In the past we’ve talked about how important customer feedback is, and how you can use it when measuring your training offering for internal purposes. […]

Webinar: The Role of Feedback in the Classroom

In Tuesday's webinar, we focused on using feedback as a teaching device. Yuna Buhrman, from the ASU College of Health Solutions, shared a survey that […]