Digifest 2017 day TWO

The second day of Digifest was attended by Marianna and myself. Here are some of my scheduled and favourite sessions (including DigiLab): Part Deux: why […]

How Flipped Learning Has Revitalized My Career

In this article I explain how I have had my career revitalized by flipped learning and how it changed my whole outlook. This post was […]

How flipped learning has revitalized my career

In this article I explain how flipped learning has revitalized my career and changed my whole outlookLink: https://elearningindustry.com/flipped-learning-revitalized-career

What is the future of flipped learning? Jon Bergmann has some answers in this webinar

Link to webinar: https://unocollab.webex.com/unocollab/lsr.php?RCID=e896a98fb907b94096fc2295a6fe09c5

What is the Rationale of using eLearning in Business Application Training?

Business Application Training is a wider concept which includes every learning need that has influence on organizational brand and future business prospects. eLearning as standalone […]

7 Ways To Integrate Technology For Successful Project-Based Learning

Successful project-based learning focuses on use of technology alongside classroom teaching to achieve higher effective learning. To ensure a successful pedagogy, your tech platform needs […]

How Well Designed Courseware Empowers Faculty in New and Surprising Ways

In 2015, The Atlantic published a piece by a veteran English teacher, who was concerned that courseware and the blended classroom will soon replace teachers. […]

How Teaching and Learning Are Changing In Response To New Educational Technologies

Idea in Brief Technology is evolving the way educators teach and helping tech-savvy students stay more engaged in their classwork. Whether by incorporating innovative ways […]

A Comprehensive List of Blended Learning Resources for Higher Education

Faculty seeking blended learning resources for their post-secondary classrooms are often faced with a problem: although there are many resources available online, many resource lists […]

Learning as a Journey, Not a Destination

I had the good fortune to spend a semester in Italy during college. Since I didn’t speak any Italian, I signed up for the introductory […]

What Is Blended Learning in Higher Ed? Six Definitions from Thought Leaders

Blended learning — the hybrid of classroom instruction and online learning  — is gaining traction because it has the potential to engage students and improve […]

Seven Blended Learning Models Used Today in Higher Ed

Blended learning, also called hybrid learning, fuses traditional face-to-face classroom teaching with online instruction. It’s a simple concept, but it becomes more complex when you […]