Your Hidden Brain – The Perils of Unconscious Bias at Work

If you’re a manager, do you want to be sure you treat people fairly when hiring or firing? In performance reviews, can you be sure […]

Quick Tip: Send Emails to a Worklist

Want to send an email to a specific set of your users? You can create a worklist to do that. Keep reading to learn more! […]

New! Create Survey Elements in DigitalChalk

We want to spread the news – you can now create survey elements in DigitalChalk! Before you could easily connect to an external survey site […]

Bundling Courses 101

Do you have a set of courses that users often purchase together, or you would like to sell together? You can use our bundling feature […]

Pioneering Use of xAPI Positions DigitalChalk as LMS Technology Leader

For IMMEDIATE RELEASE Troy Tolle, CTO and Co-Founder, to Showcase xAPI Role in Next Generation LMS Capabilities at Learning Management Conference Asheville, NC—January 17, 2017— […]

New! Multi-Seat Registration and Gifting

We’re excited to announce that users now have the ability to purchase multi-seat registrations as well as gift registrations! With this feature, managers or supervisors […]

Quick Tip: Filter Your Instructor Gradebook

Need to quickly find courses, users or offerings based on specific information and don’t want to scroll through pages of information to find it? We […]

What Are The Characteristics Of A Modern Learner?

Modern learners are always mobile, easily distracted, and very impatient. To help explain the characteristics of a modern learner, I’ve compiled the latest statistics from […]

Offering Discounts vs. Shopping Cart Discounts

Have you been in the process of creating a discount and wondered what the difference is between an offering discount and a shopping cart discount? […]

Back to Basics: Chalkboard Layouts

With every chalkboard you create you can choose a different layout for each one to deliver your content the way you want. There are 5 […]

Quick Tip: How to Delete a User

Need to delete a user for any reason? It’s very easy and takes about 30 seconds to do. To delete a user you will want […]

Learn About Organization Features

The organization feature allows you to easily make adjustments to what users see on both the ‘Catalog’ and ‘Dashboard’ tab. Learn more below about how […]