Has cutting your way to greatness ever worked? [Reed]

Has cutting your way to greatness ever worked? — from insidehighered.com by Matt Reed  I can’t think of a time that it has, yet it […]

DC: The as-yet-to-exist-but-forthcoming “Amazon.com of Higher education” will have capabilities like this

From DSC: First of all, let me say again that I’m not suggesting that we replace professors with artificial intelligence, algorithms, and such. However, given […]

Heads-up higher ed! These vendors can help us bring remote learners into our face-to-face based classrooms! [Christian]

From DSC: In terms of learning, having to be in the same physical place as others continues to not be a requirement nearly as much […]

What are the ramifications for higher education re: the *massive* changes beginning to take place due to AI, automation, & robotics?

From DSC: The recent pieces below made me once again reflect on the massive changes that are quickly approaching — and in some cases are […]

Looking to build the campus of tomorrow? 5 trends you should know [Ascione]

Looking to build the campus of tomorrow? 5 trends you should know — from ecampusnews.com by Laura Ascione Today’s trends will bring about a new […]

Will higher ed learn from the world of retail, before the “Next Amazon.com of Higher Education” hits the scene?

Retailers cut tens of thousands of jobs. Again. — from money.cnn.com by Paul R. La Monica The dramatic reshaping of the American retail industry has, […]

Reflections on “The Hidden Costs of Active Learning” [Mennella]

The Hidden Costs of Active Learning — from by Thomas Mennella Flipped and active learning truly are a better way for students to learn, but […]

Reflections on “The Blockchain Revolution and Higher Education” [Tapscott & Tapscott]

The Blockchain Revolution and Higher Education — from er.educause.edu by Don Tapscott and Alex Tapscott The blockchain provides a rich, secure, and transparent platform on […]

Upcoming webinars from EDUCAUSE: Topics involve video, the Horizon Report, Instructional Design; VR & AR, teaching & learning

As teaching and learning spaces, technologies and applications continually evolve, it’s crucial to determine where we’re headed and what we hope to accomplish. EDUCAUSE, higher education’s […]

Blockchain: Letting students own their credentials [Schaffhauser]

Blockchain: Letting students own their credentials — from campustechnology.com by Dian Schaffhauser Very soon this nascent technology could securely enable registrars to help students verify […]

A smorgasboard of ideas to put on your organization’s radar! [Christian]

From DSC: At the Next Generation Learning Spaces Conference, held recently in San Diego, CA, I moderated a panel discussion re: AR, VR, and MR.  […]

In the future, will Microsoft use #AI, #bigdata, & #blockchain to match employers with employees/freelancers? [Christian]

From DSC: In the future, will Microsoft — via data supplied by LinkedIn and Lynda.com — use artificial intelligence, big data, and blockchain-related technologies to […]