The Gamification of Addiction Management, Continued

 Metacognition and Goal Design This post is a continuation from Tuesday’s post on the gamification of addiction management. The framework above depicts the idea of […]

The Chief Learning Officer’s Survival Guide: Part One

 Step One: Learning Trends and Obstacles to Change Learning officers face a number of challenges in the current market. In this series of posts we […]

The Chief Learning Officer’s Survival Guide: Part Two

Step Two: Budget – Why are We Always Short on Cash to Innovate? Welcome to the second installment of our series on how CLOs, trainers […]

The Chief Learning Officer’s Survival Guide: Part Three

Resiliency, Grief and Adjustment: How to Make it Past 5 Years Smita Singh et al from New Zealand, 2007 provides a holistic view of what […]

Game Based Learning: Beyond Points, Badges and Leaderboards

We’re taking a break from our chief learning officer survival kit series to bring you one of our Slideshares on game based learning, and how […]

The Chief Learning Officer’s Survival Guide: Part Four

Building Agile Teams In our last post we said we would talk about how to build agile teams. One of the leading factors that results […]

100 Blog Posts: A Retrospective

We’ve surpassed 100 blog posts! Many thanks to Dr. David Chandross for writing the bulk of our posts on gamification, game based learning, emergining L&D […]

Leadership, Management and Building a Team Using Digital Technologies: Part One

What is a Leader? “Do you have the patience to wait until your mud settles and the water is clear?” Lao Tse, Tao Te Ching […]

Leadership and Digital Technologies: Part Three

if( document.getElementById( "builder-styles-css" ) ) document.getElementById( "builder-styles-css" ).insertAdjacentHTML( "beforebegin", "" ); Self Authoring and Collaborative Design in Leadership Training As we discussed in our last […]

Gamification of E-learning – The Way Ahead

Gamification is one of the hottest trends in the eLearning world. Read on, to find out why.

5 Game-Based Training Solutions Τo Engage Millennial Employees

The way we work, teach, and communicate needs to evolve to keep up with the ever-changing times, and employers have realized that video games can […]

How to Use Gamification Techniques to Gauge Post-Training Effectiveness

Test the impact of your eLearning program with innovative gamification techniques.