We Are Finally Ready (Almost) – Gene Rummy

It’s been a long time in development, but I am thrilled to announce that we are finally in the last stages of development. There is […]

How Sharon Boller and Karl Kapp’s Learning Game Design Process Works

Last week we announced Sharon Boller and Dr. Karl Kapp’s new book on learning game design on the BLP blog. It’s called “Play to Learn: […]

Emerging Learning and Development Models: Part Ten

if( document.getElementById( "builder-styles-css" ) ) document.getElementById( "builder-styles-css" ).insertAdjacentHTML( "beforebegin", "" ); Mobile Gamification Systems: Taking a Deeper Look In this last post about emerging L&D […]

5 Things You Should Know About Gamification

As a business owner, leader, manager, HR or talent development professional, you can learn how to create fun and rewarding gamified experiences to achieve the […]

Language, Gaming and Possibilities

Recently, I had the opportunity to talk with game designer Kathryn Hymes about language, agency, and world building. As one half of the gaming company […]

9 Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Educational Games

I’ve been teaching educational game design for a few semesters now as part of a module of a Creative Thinking and Problem Solving liberal arts […]

#DearID: Creating with Twine

Twine is an open source tool for creating interactive, non-linear stories. It’s a tool for interactive fiction and story game development. In this episode, I […]

LXDesign to Game Design

So, for the next half a year or so, I’ve decided to really focus on game design. And I figured, for a blog that’s been […]

Espiritus: A Teeny, Tiny Game made using Phaser JS

Last month, in seeking to practice what I preach, I found a great horror-focused game jam from an indie game dev called The Meatly (http://jams.gamejolt.io/meatlyjam). […]

Gamification Facts Infographic

Gamification Facts Infographic Gamification is the concept of applying game mechanics and game design techniques to eLearning courses. It improves learner engagement and motivates them […]

Game Jammin’: Narrative in Games

I’ve had game development on my list of things to jump in to for many months now. And I’ve noticed myself continuing to procrastinate and […]

Inspiration: Extra Credits

I have a confession: I have been binge watching Extra Credits episodes (highly recommended!) for the past couple of weeks as I prepare to embark on […]