Mountain bike or skiing game

While most outdoor team building games take place on foot and some by cars,  there can be cool exceptions. We know that Loquiz has been run with kayaks, […]

Create your own languages for games

Loquiz app is available in several languages and you can easily create personal language packs if needed. This means that  all the buttons, menus etc […]


Here’s an idea you can build with Rogain game type. Set up simple rogain game, and announce that the winner is the team who gets […]

9 resources for questions and tasks to use in team building games – 2017 edition for event professionals

To create great games for your corporate events you need great content. Brilliant game mechanics is one thing but people tend to remember unique tasks they […]

Hide info into maps

In Loquiz you can add a drawing to a map.  It should be meant to be a thematic or somehow augmented map for the game area, so […]

Coloured pins and radiuses – team building city quest game ideas

In this blogpost you will find 2 game ideas that utilize colored pins for the game mechanics. The custom pins can be used in a […]

Your very own winter holiday season networking game

Holiday season is approaching and indoor events are on the full course. For this jolly time we have baked a clue game. You can find […]

Out of bound area

I was recently asked how to mark a specific area in the game that is strictly out of bounds for the players. There are  a […]

Start locations in Loquiz

Seems easy – it is a point where your players start a game. However Loquiz flexibility gives a game creator a  huge number of possibilities […]

Happy Birthday! Create birthday game that is easy to run efficiently

I bet your birthday is less than a year away. If your birthday is not less than a year from now then Happy Birthday to […]

How I walked from King’s Landing to The Wall – Game of Thrones outdoor adventure game on smartphone

Since the feature to use your own created maps as an overlay on Google maps in outdoor games came out, I have been waiting for a […]

Open Question Now- how to use the feature

Open question now is a cool feature in the Strategy game type. In some situations, it enables you to avoid getting extra points and thereby becoming […]