Virtual Duality

Something struck me during this year’s Virtual Reality Working Out Loud Week. Billed as an event for “anyone who is working with or experimenting with […]

Checklist for Novice Education Gaming Researchers

This is a cursory list of important concepts and items to consider when preparing to conduct educational research that involves the use of videogames. Use […]

Gaming in Medical Education

Background Our organization provides continuing medical education and are continually exploring learning content delivery methods that will engage our younger membership. In early 2016 we […]

Join me at SITE 2017 Conference in Austin, TX

Two of my proposals were accepted for presentation at the Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education (SITE) International Conference in Austin, TX.  I’d love to […]

Character Playbook: How the NFL are Champions for Youth

The NFL, Houston Texans, United Way of Greater Houston, United Way Worldwide and Verizon have announced the Houston launch of Character Playbook, a new education […]


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Emerging Learning and Development Models: Part Three

Simulation Gaming Simulation is the representation of real world problems which can be used to rehearse skill deployment in medicine, engineering, coaching and a myriad […]

How tech encouraged creativity in one of my students.

Our class topic was ‘Coasts’ and the students certainly enjoyed learning all about their features. I was really pleased when a student, in his own […]

YouTube Kids Launches #Learn A Language

YouTube Kids gives your family an easy way to watch their favorite shows, or explore anything that captures their imagination. It’s free, simple to use, […]

How To Leverage Gamification For Increasing The Sales?

In the fiercely competitive sales environment, companies look for the innovative ways of increasing their sales volumes. This can be achieved by a motivated and […]

Gamification for children: How to avoid design mistakes

Guest Article by: Dasha Sokolova There’s no doubt that children and adults learn in various ways. This distinction lies not only in what we learn […]

Meet the chess board bringing the Mechanical Turk to life

Board games have been central to the public progression of AI in recent years, as first chess was conquered, and then more recently Go.  Victory […]