New eBook: 233 Tips on Graphics and Visual Design by Kat Gore

The eLearning Guild’s new free eBook, 233 Tips on Graphics and Visual Design, contains design concepts and ideas that have real, practical application in L&D […]

Learners Can Take Well-Designed Microlearning Anywhere! by Pamela S. Hogle

Microlearning works best if it is narrowly focused, clear, and, above all, concise. That means careful attention to design is required.

Instructional Design and Visual Design: The Pillars of Great eLearning by Pamela S. Hogle

Poor design can sink an eLearning program—and the flaws might be in the instructional design or the visual design. Both are essential; creating successful eLearning […]

Visual Design Tips for eLearning

I’ve always believed (and strongly stated) that good eLearning design is so much more than just good instructional design. Developing an engaging and effective eLearning […]

Three Steps to Incorporate More Visual Content into Your eLearning by Hannah Brownlow

Creating effective eLearning is really challenging. How do you fit in all the content you need without massively impacting running time? How do you make […]

Mistakes to Avoid When Using Photos in eLearning

As an eLearning designer, you’ve likely used photos in eLearning. Photos are a great way to reinforce your message or convey an emotion. Photos can […]

Raise the Bar: Stealing from Television by Mark Lassoff

Since the beginning, broadcasters have been coming up with techniques to engage us, stimulate us, and keep us focused on the tube. Many of these […]

ELH Challenge #4: Flat Design Interactions

The fourth Articulate E-Learning Heroes Challenge consists of designing a flat design template, including at least three different content slides. Flat design is one of […]

How to Create a Custom eLearning Color Scheme

Selecting colors and creating an eLearning color scheme is a struggle many eLearning designers face on a regular basis. In addition to selecting and using […]

Tips for Better Data Visualization

If you’re in the business of data – analyzing it, assessing it, interpreting it, or presenting it – then you also need to find creative […]

Emergency Management System

This sample is from another hour-long OSHA mandated compliance program, but it was the first time after three years, that I worked in Adobe Captivate. […]

Responding to Incidents

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