Reality Pedagogy: Christopher Emdin at TEDxTeachersCollege

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Digital divides and accumulated advantage: Huawei Global Connectivity Index and the Business of Education in Africa

I have been spending some time with two reports recently that have me thinking a bit about the outcomes we in the ICT4D and digital […]

Would You Buy This Book: Death to Deadlines….

Death to Deadlines: Gamification and Other Subversive Thoughts on Formal Education With any luck at all, this book will save you countless hours heading down […]

Academic mobbing, or how to become campus tormentors | University Affairs

Yup. If anyone wants to know why I gave up a job I had loved for over 20 years (and was VERY good at); why […]

My Digital Education Journey (aka, why you should apply for the MSc in Digital Education at the University of Edinburgh)

The Story Map tells this story better than I can so I will rely on it for the narrative here. But if you have an […]

It’s Pedagogy Go With Location-Based Mobile Learning At The University Of South Australia

“Pedagogy on the go: Roger Edmonds of the University of South Australia outlines how his institution are turning phones into central pedagogical tools” Roger Edmonds […]

Four futurists weigh in on the jobs of the future [Frey]

Four futurists weigh in on the jobs of the future — from by Thomas Frey    

Realizing the Potential of Blockchain — A white paper from the World Economic Forum

  Realizing the Potential of Blockchain: A Multistakeholder Approach to the Stewardship of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies — from the World Economic Forum Excerpts: Like the first […]

eLearning Modernization In Higher Education: Case Study

See how a large university migrated eLearning content from old technology to a format consumable by students in the 21st century. This post was first […]

What a future, powerful, global learning platform will look & act like [Christian]

Learning from the Living [Class] Room: A vision for a global, powerful, next generation learning platform By Daniel Christian NOTE: Having recently lost my Senior […]

EdTech Magazine’s 2017 Dean’s List: Check out other “Must Read Higher Ed IT Blogs” as well

With a passion for helping #highered leverage #edtech, @dchristian5 is a 2017 Must-Read! — EdTech Higher Ed (@EdTech_HigherEd) June 22, 2017