“Chatbots-The Next Big Thing,” + “MyPrivateTutor Releases Chatbot for Finding Tutors” + other resources/reflections re: chatbots

Chatbots: The next big thing — from dw.com Excerpt: More and more European developers are discovering the potential of chatbots. These mini-programs interact automatically with […]

How to Parent Teens in a High-Tech World Without Losing Your Mind

Robyn D. Shulman, Author My daughter turned 14 in November. As I reflect back on her childhood, I tend to do what many parents do: […]

Let’s build facilities that have *multiple* types of production/recording studios — then let faculty pick which one(s) they want to use. [Christian]

From DSC: The following article reminded me of a vision that I’ve had for the last few years… How to Build a Production Studio for […]

Equipping people to stay ahead of technological change. “The classic model of education…is breaking down.” [The Economist]

Equipping people to stay ahead of technological change — from economist.com by It is easy to say that people need to keep learning throughout their […]

Evaluation, Disunity, Industry: 2016 Lesson and 2017 Credo

Evaluation and Recovery “The issue is dispersion. The task is to survive in the diaspora.” -Haraway I, like many other people, have been in some […]

A Perfect SAT Score: Tips from Shaan Patel (PrepExpert)

A Perfect SAT Score Is it possible? Shaan Patel of PrepExpert.com says yes. Have you ever wondered how to achieve higher SAT scores or even […]

Miguel Ángel Escotet

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Said of retail stores: “Too late to catch up; out of touch.” Could this scenario of the closing of the brick & mortar facilities also happen to higher education? [Christian]

From DSC: When I turned on the TV the other day, our local news station was playing a piece re: the closing of several stores […]

Outsourcing more work to the robots & to the software: What are the ramifications if the C-level suites continue on these pathways? [Christian]

From DSC: First, some items regarding the enormous emphasis being put towards the use of robotics and automation: $18.867 billion paid to acquire 50 robotics […]

“5 Online Education Trends to Watch in 2017” [Friedman] + “The Future of Online Learning Is Offline” [Ahearn]

5 Online Education Trends to Watch in 2017 — from usnews.com by Jordan Friedman Experts predict more online programs will offer alternative credentials and degrees […]

2017 E-Course Trends for the Entrepreneur

E-course trends for 2017 can be summed up into 3 words: Resources not courses. What does this mean? It means learners want information delivered in a […]

The 3 Big Changes That Students Want in Higher Education As they...

The 3 Big Changes That Students Want in Higher Education As they look to the future, college leaders have to take in a variety of […]