Carbonless Lab Notebooks

Our low-cost, high-quality Student Laboratory Notebooks contain 50- or 100-count carbonless duplicate page sets, each sequentially numbered. The graph print quality is excellent on both […]

What the Fidget is going on? Tales from a Traveling Substitute Teacher

Written by Kim Tinari-Shore, M.Ed. What’s all the hype nowadays in elementary and secondary school classrooms? There’s certainly more movement during learning. Action-based learning is […]

Introducing the Changing Landscape of Online Education (CHLOE) Survey

Online Learning—from Innovation to Adoption: Introducing the CHLOE Survey   — from by Richard Garrett & Ron Legon Excerpt: It’s now more than 20 years […]

Education For Free

Education is what the world revolves around. Education leads to having greater knowledge of the world that we can apply to our daily lives, and […]

The Best Way For Implementing Teaching Purpose

Do you remember that awesome college professor? You eagerly waited for his lectures and once he entered the lecture hall time passed very quickly. The […]

DC: 12,000+ skills on Amazon’s new platform — Alexa. What will this new platform mean/deliver?

From DSC: There are now more than 12,000+ skills on Amazon’s new platform — Alexa.  I continue to wonder…what will this new platform mean/deliver to […]

Create compelling AR & VR apps quickly via the EON Creator AVR Enterprise & Education content builder

EON CREATOR AVR The EON Creator AVR Enterprise and Education content builder empowers non-technical users to create compelling AR and VR applications in minutes, not […]

Dear 2017 Carroll University Graduate…

Dear 2017 Carroll University Graduate… Now is a good time to gather together some last thoughts about and for you. Because of my age seniority […]

Nice experimentation here: “College classrooms try letting far-away Ss attend via remote-control stand-in” [Johnson]

Robot students? College classrooms try letting far-away students attend via remote-control stand-in — from by Sydney Johnson Excerpt: Someone looking in on Bill McCaw’s […]

A classroom of the future perhaps?

From DSC: A classroom of the future perhaps? These graphics depict VR-based chats/talk shows from @guntersuniverse          

“7 things you should know about” for AI in teaching/learning as well as the evolution of teaching/learning professions [educause]

7 things you should know about artificial intelligence in teaching and learning — from Educause Learning Initiative (ELI) Abstract: The term artificial intelligence (AI) refers […]

Caring for Lawns and University Courses: Fixing Common Problems with Deliberate Treatments for Good Growth

It is springtime and that means lawns are growing. What do you do to help your lawn along in the spring? Many people just start […]