“Ice and Sky” is an educational program put together by experts in climate and environment issues

“Man’s pressure on biodiversity has now become so extreme that in just two centuries we could annihilate as many species as over the course of […]

Icon Inspirations for E-learning designers

A purpose, an intention, a design, strikes everywhere even the careless, the most stupid thinker — David Hume The basic idea to design is to communicate and if […]

What is World Speech Day?

Every year on March 15, people all around the world share what they have to say. This year people in over 80 countries—everyday people just […]

The Beauty of Letting Go

Do you order the same exact dish from your favorite restaurant every single time? Do you listen to the same music or watch the same […]

5 Elucidat elearning examples to inspire your next course in 2017

Can Elucidat help you reach your desired outcome? Take a look at these five courses – created with Elucidat – to see what’s possible with Elucidat’s […]

“The Food We Eat?” asks you to identify food and compares your answers with a public vote

This short quiz, designed in Elucidat for the Open University, features several close-ups of everyday objects seen under an electron microscope. You have to decide […]

Why and how to create compliance training that drives behavior change (strategies and demo)

Regulatory compliance may be mandatory for most businesses, but it’s not mandatory to make compliance training long, dull or ineffective to bring about change. Change, […]

Elucidat’s “Data Protection” compliance training demo uses real case studies, polling and scenarios

Compliance isn’t about box ticking, not if you want to reduce real risks to your business. This demo uses real case studies, polling and scenarios […]

100 things I wish someone had told me about teaching

As a brand new teacher, I was trapped out on an island. Isolated. Stuck in a “silo,” so to speak. I had a lot to learn. […]

Savv-e’s ready-to-go “Code of Conduct” module takes a scenario approach to encourage and motivate people

Some codes are meant to be broken, but in the workplace a Code of Conduct is more than a set of rules and regulations; it’s […]

Inspirational Nugget: Look for Inspiration

My team has been designing some new templates and branding elements lately, so today’s Inspirational Nugget is inspired by inspiration! I know it’s easy to […]

Savv-e’s Ready-to-Go Social Media course includes real-life examples and scenarios to highlight key learning

Millions of us use social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to communicate and organize our personal lives online. And because work is such a […]