Inspirational Quotes to Share with Students

School counselors are in the unique position to support students with issues related to both school and home life. They are trained to provide counseling […]

Top Project Management Blogs To Follow

To keep up with the ever evolving field of project management, this article features a list of blogs that will make it easier for project […]

4 Ways To Overcome The Overwhelm of Online Course Creation

“Creating online courses means producing content for the millions; a prospect that can freeze course creators in their tracks”. @CordinerSarah Whether it’s the first course […]

Need Inspiration?

Summer.... and quotations abound across SM. InspiroBot  comes to alleviate the (possible) boredom of long, lazy days. Click on "generate", sit back and be prepared to […]

Elearning inspiration: On-the-job learning

This five-minute, mobile friendly resource is a great example of on-the-job performance support – just enough and just in time. Discover what we think makes […]

Have a break… have a Twitter break

It’s that time of year again where being a teacher is probably more stressful than ever. Teachers are worrying about how their classes will be […]

What I Learned About Being a Great Teacher…. (from murderers and thieves….)

What I learned about how to be a great teacher from murderers and thieves…. How can we possibly lead someone to greatness, if we cannot […]

11 Ways To Beat Self-Doubt & Imposter Syndrome When Creating Online Courses

Imposter syndrome kicks in when we spend more time focusing on the things we don’t have an can’t…Click To Tweet Here is a simple fact: […]

Reflections from the Class of 2017

This post was written by FLVS Full Time National Honor Society President, Olivia Horne. Family and friends – thank you for providing unwavering support, love and […]

#DearID Episode 46: Simon Date on Open Source

If you are a ID newbie, or someone who wants to learn a new skill, your number one question is, how can I get experience? […]

Top Podcasts for Product Managers

Sources for product people to learn and understand the business better source: Product management is a skill that can be developed over time. Some people […]

Delegation Skills demo: Excellent example of a personalized learning experience

Elucidat’s bite-sized Delegation Skills demo provides a personalized learning experience for new managers, bringing together personal reflection with targeted action plans. Taken alone or as […]