8 Proven Techniques To Increase Learning Behavior Using Neuroeducation

Want to have your learners competences reinforced and heightened so they can use what you taught them right back into their day-to-day, on-the-job tasks to […]

Reflections on “HarvardX rolls out new adaptive learning feature in online course” [Lestch]

HarvardX rolls out new adaptive learning feature in online course — from edscoop.com by Corinne Lestch Students in MOOC adaptive learning experiment scored nearly 20 […]

“The Medium is the Message”: An Instructional Design Perspective

Back in the 1960s, Marshall McLuhan famously argued that “the medium is the message.” According to McLuhan, we focus too much of our efforts trying […]

#FREE Mini-Course – Build Your E-Learning Portfolio

I’m pausing the screencast train for a moment (don’t worry, it’ll be back later today – I’ve never been more consistent with anything in my […]

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7 Ways to Think Like a Designer and Enhance Online Learning Online learning is booming. U.S. students in traditional K-12 schools have enrolled in 750,000 […]

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You must turn off your emotions for the next hour. This training is a feeling-free zone. You do not have a report due at the […]

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Corporate Training Development: Draw on Other Fields

Corporate Training Tips & Tricks—Save Your Money & Prove Your Worth, Book Excerpt #2 NOTE: The following article is taken, with minor changes, from Corporate Training […]

Use Video Introductions for Courses

One common stumbling block for people creating courses is how to actually start the course. They have a good idea for the lesson sequence, the […]

What Is Agile Software Development? by Pamela S. Hogle

Agile is among the most popular software development models in use today, with many developers crediting its use with improving customer satisfaction and enhancing team […]