The AR app for the Science classroom?

I’ve long been a fan of using augmented reality and virtual reality too. So much so I wrote a book about it (free on iBooks […]

Making your life as a teacher easier… much easier

As promised, here is another of my presentations from #BETT2017. This time I was looking at tools that you can use on your iPad or […]

How to get IT right, with iPad

So BETT is over and done with now. It was a pretty tough week for me. I was starting to come down with the flu […]

My tips on applying to become an Apple Distinguished Educator

One of the best forms of CPD I’ve ever received have come directly as a result of becoming an Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE). If you’re […]

Making a difference to AFL with iPad

As posted the other day when I shared my ‘Making IT work with iPad’ post, I am currently working through sharing my different presentations from […]

#ATI2017 – Advanced Teacher Institute

I first came across Joe Moretti many years ago at BETT where he was presenting on Apple technologies. A man who over the years has probably […]

Google Announces Toontastic 3-D

Google Announces Toontastic 3-D: 3… 2… 1… ACTION! With Toontastic 3D you can draw, animate, and...

Period Table of iPad Apps vol 2/ Created by Mark Anderson. I...

Period Table of iPad Apps vol 2/ Created by Mark Anderson. I have heard of many of these but there were a few that were […]

BiomeViewer on the App Store

BiomeViewer on the App Store: Can you find frogs on Mount Everest? What is the climate like in the...

4 Ideas to Support Music Lessons with iPads

4 Ideas to Support Music Lessons with iPads: I remember when the iPad came out, the music teacher...

Are we still in your DNA? A New Years Letter to Apple

Dear Apple, Happy New Year! As a long time follower, cheerleader, educational buyer and user of...

Periodic table of #STEAM apps updated!

Back in early July I created the periodic table of STEAM (that’s Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics for those who think I’m full of […]