Supporting students achieve deep learning

People can remember easily what happened a week or a month ago, but as time passes by, it becomes harder to hold on to memories. […]

Get ready to rock the mountains with Mountain MoodleMoot in July #mtmoot

Mountain MoodleMoot is all set to rock the mountains this year in the Month of July from Thursday July 6 to Saturday July 8, 2017. […]

The power of simulations over the learning process

Remember Dee Dee from Dexter’s Lab and her signature line Ooooh… What does this button do? Just like Dee Dee, when children ask this question […]

Going for a student-centered learning approach

Since it wasn’t so long ago, I can still remember which were my favorite and least favorite subjects during my years at the university. When […]

Old teaching strategies and modern technologies: Could an LMS be part of Montessori?

Many people have heard about Montessori schools, or the Montessori paradigm, but not everyone knows that Montessori has a first name too! Maria Montessori was […]

4 Ways AI will be a great teaching assistant

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has stopped being just a thing of Sci-Fi novels and movies. From self-driving cars and grocery shopping without cash registers (Amazon Go), […]

3 Tips for rocking your classroom with video learning

When something is hard to believe or comprehend usually it needs to be demonstrated. For example, when a new technology is introduced on the market […]

How a school LMS encourages parent involvement

There are people who believe that they are only responsible for educating their children until they start some organized form of education: preschool, kindergarten, primary, […]

Virtual Reality and Children – My Nine Year Old Niece Dayna and VR

Digital Bodies: At conferences and our workshops we have been often asked questions about Virtual Reality and children in elementary schools. While the headsets like […]

6 Awesome AR apps for the classroom

Augmented Reality is awesome. Even though AR technology is not new, it seems it really started to spread lately. Its uses are as varied as […]

Why should schools consider adaptive learning

We are all born the same, needing food, love and care, but once we start to assimilate knowledge, each of us starts to show our […]

How new technology can boost student creativity in the classroom

My favorite activity as a child was hanging out with my friends, riding bikes and climbing trees. Since not all days were sunny and warm […]