Top 10 Training Myths

Keep your training department and its customers knowledgeable by avoiding the Top Ten Training Myths. Training departments are sometimes viewed as being out of touch […]

Productivity, skills and intelligent learning recommendations

tl;dr The system supporting skills and careers development is inept and that costs the world trillions. But the future for learning is bright: higher quality, […]


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Dare to be Different

Why be just one of the crowd? Why suffer in silence because your voice is unable to be heard? Following the herd is the most […]

How to Upgrade Your Workforce Skill Level in 5 Easy Steps

You can do a lot of things to ensure the success of your business. You can improve your products, invest in excellent marketing campaigns, grow […]

Why it Is Important to Be a Real Leader to Your Employees

What is a leader? We are hearing this term very often, but we still can’t manage to grasp its true meaning. A leader is someone […]

Training the Generations

We all know that our workforces are changing. But we do have the ability to reach out to all generations with our training and development. […]

Pourquoi est-ce si difficile de mettre en application nos connaissances théoriques ?

Photo Via Visual Hunt Une des choses les plus difficiles en formation est de mettre en application ce que l’on a « appris ». Nous […]

Fixed Training Costs versus Variable Training Costs

The current economic client makes it difficult for training departments to obtain any extra funds, much less normal operating funds. Many times departments must “make […]

5 resources that improve your writings skills

Everybody needs good writing skill either its education or business because writing is involved in the majority parts of our lives from educational assignment, CV […]

Engaging Participants 1: Keys to Engagement

To begin our examination of engaging training participants, it’s necessary to look at the overall keys to engaging the adult learner. Regardless of where your […]

RSDR 7: Leadership Retention

Retention can be a difficult task for employees at any level, but retention at leadership levels can be more difficult. As employees develop their leadership […]