10 Years Of The iPhone And L&D Has Some Learning To Do

It’s unlikely to have escaped your attention over the last week that it’s 10 years since the iPhone was first unveiled. This is significant whether […]

Rethinking the LMS

Before we begin, let’s rewind to circa 2007; to a time when the word “digital” meant something pretty different from what it means today. Almost […]

LUC 2017 Recap: CourseMill Advanced Reports: Sifting Through Data Is Easier Than You Think!

At this year’s Lectora® User Conference in Cincinnati, Jane Erwin of the Michigan Public Health Institute (MPHI) presented “CourseMill® Advanced Reports: Sifting Through Data Is […]

The UpsideLMS ‘Free’dom Offer

Today, millions of Americans will gather to celebrate the anniversary of the birth of the United States of America as an independent nation. It’s a […]

LinkedIn’s Top 2017 Workplace Learning Trends: The LMS Perspective

Among an organisation’s most valuable assets are its employees. Managing, nurturing and keeping the staff engaged and motivated is key to an organisation’s ability to […]

LMS for Employee Skills Management: Using CPD and Compliance Effectively (eBook)

“Those people who develop the ability to continuously acquire new and better forms of knowledge that they can apply to their work and to their […]

Future State of L&D: 5 Key LMS Strategies to Succeed

“The L&D industry is complicated, with varying structures, shifting priorities, disruptive technologies and multiple audiences to appease. It’s a lot to keep tabs on, and […]

LMS Pricing 101

There is often a similarity in the pattern of a ‘purchase’. Be it buying a pen, or a PC or say a Learning Management System. […]

Top L&D Challenges for 2017 Enterprise Learning: The LMS Standpoint

A recent report – CGS 2017 Enterprise Learning Annual Report-Corporate Learning Trends, Observations & Predictions, sheds light on various aspects of Enterprise Learning; the primary […]

2017 Workplace Learning: Quotes from L&D Experts (Presentation)

There is more to ‘learning in the modern workplace’ than a mere definition of these terms, either together or in isolation. With new technologies being […]

The Digital HR: How Tech-Enabled Learning is Changing HR’s Role

Traditionally, a company’s Human Resource department has always been viewed as a paper-intensive, non-innovative area, where decisions pertaining to issues like salaries, hiring, team-building and […]

2017 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends: How ‘Corporate Learning’ is Evolving

Careers are no longer what they used to be. Their longevity has increased and people now enjoy even six-decade long professional journeys. This means that […]