Simple, Mobile, Engaging: Podcasts Pack eLearning Punch by Pamela S. Hogle

Podcasts offer short, engaging eLearning, delivered anywhere, in a flexible, accessible, easy-to-produce format.

Social, Mobile, and Corporate Learning: Research Takeaways by Amit Gautam

Learning has now become the primary focus of companies: more global and mobile, embracing modern technology and automation, and relying largely on social media.

Buzzword Decoder: A Video Primer by Pamela S. Hogle

Video is versatile and lends itself to exciting enhancements like 360-degree filming, animations, and interactivity.

Five Ways to Add Interactivity to Video by Pamela S. Hogle

Five suggestions for adding interactivity to video—quickly and inexpensively.

Toolkit: Thinkzoom—Authoring that Leverages Video, Social by Joe Ganci

Thinkzoom is a web-based authoring tool that lets you build courses around your documents, videos, and video screen captures. The tool supports social learning and […]

Metafocus: Seven Ethical Dilemmas of VR in Education by Matt Sparks

We hear VR called an empathy machine. But can VR decrease empathy? What does the research say, if anything? And, if true, what can we […]

Articulate 360 Adds New Features at a Rapid Pace by News Editor

Articulate 360, which launched in November 2016, includes award-winning authoring apps like Storyline 360 and Rise; over 1.5 million course assets; an easy-to-use course review […]

Prosell Learning's On.Board Guides New Hires Through Learning Journeys by News Editor

Prosell Learning’s new onboarding solution requires learners to produce evidence of learning to be reviewed by their managers. The web app, On.Board, connects new hires […]

New eBook: 233 Tips on Graphics and Visual Design by Kat Gore

The eLearning Guild’s new free eBook, 233 Tips on Graphics and Visual Design, contains design concepts and ideas that have real, practical application in L&D […]

Nuts and Bolts: Working Out Loud Week 2017 by Jane Bozarth

“Working out loud” doesn’t mean broadcasting every moment of every day, or crowing about every accomplishment, or only showing final, polished work products. Rather, it’s […]

Making eLearning Video in a Department of One by Stephen Haskin

Sometimes we get to produce eLearning with a team, and sometimes we are a video department of one. Doing all the work of video creation—being […]

Going Pro: Voice Actors Enhance eLearning Voice-overs and Soundtracks by Pamela S. Hogle

The audio track is as important to a polished, professional eLearning module as the navigation or visual content. Consider using professional voice talent to ensure […]